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  1. Its currently 3 inches tall and I placed a bic lighter for comparison height. I water every other day unless its an extream hot and dry day. I'm waiting to know if its indica or stavia strain... I'm unsure. Also I can't wait to find out if its male or female.. It is going to be 1 month on march 15th I heard. K or potassium makes a greater chance of female I made some banana peel and water mixture its been soaking to maybe extract some extra potassium to pour in soil. is that safe to use?

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     Yes i have heard banana/orange peels being used plenty in gardens (though never in a cannabis garden). I have only heard of placing pieces of peel(s) mixed into the top of the soil and as they break down/rot they will release nitrogen, potassium, calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, magnesium and sodium. They are also known to work as a natural insecticide against some insects, and raise ph.
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    You Won't know sex for at least another matter what you feed it it won't change the sex either...think of it like a person, it doesn't matter what your mom eats while she's pregnant, it Won't change if her seed is a boy or girl.. also alot of seeds are hybrids. If the fan leaves are long and skinny its sativa dominant... short and fat leaves means its Indica dominant. India pants also stay a lot shorter than sativas but you won't notice until later on. Good luck!

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