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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by skapunker1337, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Alright, I plan on making my own setup with three chambers (vegetative, flower, and mother room). I'm already have my mind set on some aspects (design, specific hydro, specific strain), I just have concerns entering the project.

    For one, what is more suited for vegetating the herb? I read fluorescent, I read MH, I even read black light (lol). Yet which would be the most effective? Also, if I plan on buying 1000W: is it too much? if not what precaution should I take?

    Next, what kind of hydroponic delivery standard is best suited for vegetative and flowering? For example, is flow and ebb shown to be more effective for the flowering stage or is aeroponics better.

    Finally, can you guys suggest a cheap ventilation system/unit I could use? I was thinking about using my ol' AC unit but I'm skeptical thats the best thing for my future honeys.

    Well, thanks to the city!
  2. Need more spacifics on the size of these "chambers" to give much advice but black light is not an option here.A 1K will cover about a 6 foot square alone,one AC wont move enough air for three chambers and a 1K with other lighting.Whats your budget and how long do you plan on growing?
  3. Was joking about the black light, thought it was funny.

    The room size I can't tell you off the top of my head, but I would guess probably 12 feet in length, six in width. I plan on growing as long as I can, and my budget would allow me to buy my materials but probably only until I need them (like when I want to flower my plants, I'll buy the stuff a bit before hand).
  4. Well then my friend i would split the length into 7 foot and 5 foot sections,the 6x7 for the 1K HID HPS to flower and the 6x5 into maybe two levels for moms,clones and vegging girls depending on your hight restrictions(how tall is this space?)and use a 4 foot T5 eight bulb fixture with 6000 Kelvin for moms and cheap home depot shop clamp lights with CFLs also 6K. for clones and small plants.Are you planning on a multiple stage/cycle grow?You will need several dif. fans,duct,mylar,surge strips,carbon filter,pH meter,temp and RH meters and lots of optional things for easy growing if you plan on doin this right and being successful for a long period of time.
  5. I was thinkin soil but your goin hydro,so are you goin for a SOG hydro or a few large plants?SOG you will want a 4x4' table ebb/flo or a NFT system(avoid the aquaponics for now)and if you want monster plants i would do what i have and go with a custom 6 bucket RDWC BB system if you have at least 7 foot hight(8-9,or 10 is better).Whats the climate like each season there,can you control the temps to 70-80F. all year long in the room pulling the intake air into the grow rooms?Do you have access to duct cool fresh air from outside to the room?
  6. My height restriction is probably standard for most homes, maybe 9' high. I was planning on a multi-stage grow, cleaning my stuff and keeping some monster moms. SOG seemed like a reasonable thing to use, but then again, height isn't really a concern here. I live in NY, so relatively during the summers its usually a cool 60-75/80 in my place, plus I have climate control of sorts. I have a window leading to the outside and if needed, I could probably create an exhaust. However, I am confused about venting. I know I need intake and exhaust, it's just I forget which should be where (like either at the window or ground or whatnot). I also got a open sink pipe/drain in the wall (previous owner took the sink), would that serve any purpose or would I be better off spackling it and ignoring it. Would a sink be useful in a grow room?
  7. A/C does not exhaust or intake air into the room, it's only exchanging hot air for cold air. You need some serious can-fans or squirrel cage fans to move enough air for your plants. With a multi-chamber room, that will take some ingenuity and money.
  8. The rooms design needs a draft and then we can figure your air circ.,sounds like you got the right stuff to do it though.The drain wont be big enough(unless its 6 or 8")and im suprised you dont smell methane gas in that room,or do you???Is there a trap filled with water on there or a cap sealed with putty or teflon tape?
  9. Only some(single exhaust)portable AC units will vent hot air out creating a - pressure environment if no intake is used,but even that wont exchange the right amt. of air for a grow as big as he is planning.

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