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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 1stgrowGoin, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. First i have two big plants the one 4 to 5 feet tall and the other about 2 feet they are in a closet with a 400 w HPS light a 40 w cool white Flouresent and a 24 w compact flourecent
    I have a fan in the closet for heat issues

    question1 is the amount of light too less or to much using soil with almost no drainage but i water the plants less is that very bad ?

    Second i have 2 small plants that have been on 24/0 from germination they have been growing for 2 weeks how big should they be before you should start sexing them ? and i read that some plant take longer to flower than others there a avrage time ?

    and third if i use regular soil with nutrients that include all the micro elements and evry thing should i alwys water my plants with a diluted nutrient salution or should i water normaly inbetween
  2. It's fine. Plants get like a trillion, gazillion watts off the sun, so I don't think it's likely you could reproduce that amount in your closet. ;)

    They've survived long enough to get to 5 feet tall man, I'm guessing you're getting away with it. :p I trust you have holes in the bottom of your pots?

    Pre flowers can show at about 6-8 weeks or you can of course force it by putting them into 12/12.

    You mean you have soil with ferts in it yeah? I've never used anything other than organic soil, so I can't be sure, although if it's already got food I don't think I'd be adding more, certainly not for quite some time.

  3. Ok but i want to know how long before you put them on 12/12 they are at about 7 inc now

    i use soil from my garden at home but use plant food that you mix into your water supply that has N K and a high P for flowering and includes micro nuts ,all i want to know is do i need to flush out the excess nutrients with normal water at some time becuse of my drainige prob im worried that extra salt and minirals will be traped in the soil ?
  4. i have two 600 watt hps in a grow tent and half my plants are flowering more then the others does anyone know why
  5. That's entirely up to you and your requirements man, we can't tell you when to flower, some people go 12/12 from seed. Take into account the fact that the plant will at least double in size when you put it into 12/12.

    Flush the plants only if they display problems and when you are 10-14 days from harvest. If crap is building up in the soil, the plant will show you.

    Not without more info, no.

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