Need Advice On Drug Tests

Discussion in 'General' started by WhatIsWeed?, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. I got a job interview for Kroger tomorrow. I just smoked a dime yesterday, not expecting to get a call from them. I read online that they usually just do a mouth swab test, but I am still worried if i could even pass that. Does anyone know if they do a UA or mouth swab? And is there any possible way i can pass either of them? I usually smoke at least a dime daily. Am i fucked or what? 

  2. I currently work for Kroger. They do mouth swab test. Just brush and clean really good. Ive passed a test 20 hours afyer tokin
  3. So i shouldn't worry too much about it? I really need this job man.
  4. Don't want to fail a drug test? Uh, don't do drugs. Jesus Christ weed must really kill brain cells. 
  5. Why the fuck are you on a weed website if you are posting against it? Gtfo.
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  6. Just don't smoke the day before the interview and you should be good. People can pass saliva tests WHILE they are high, but better to be safe

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