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Discussion in 'General' started by Talon, Apr 3, 2006.

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    think this is worth $1000? i need a car to drive. my bro said it aint worth it, but hes just a lazy ass bastard. it has 100k and its a 5 speed, and has a cold air intake and header. its not fast or anything (yet), but do you all think its worth the $1000?
  2. no way you can fix that, it's totaled unless you want to pay like 10 grand
  3. You should have a real mechanic look at it. You can't really tell what it's worth by looking at a picture of the outside. Either way, I don't think I'd bother spending $1000 on a car like that (since you're just going to have to spend a lot more to fix it), and instead spend $4000 on a decent one.
  4. integra huh?? Planning on getting myself one to, but i dunno bout that one for $1000, little much, u could spend a couple more grand n just get a nice one that isnt smashed up.
  5. if you're looking for something to drive, then i would suggest something that isn't totalled.
  6. the guy said some dipass in a SUV hit him in a parking lot when he missed the brake and hit the gas, lol i think the guy that drove the SUV was a stoner.
  7. if it wasnt all fucked up, then yeah $1000 would be fine, haha more than that would be fine

    but that back area would cost a SHIT load to fix, plus there might be more damage done to the frame or other things you might not be aware of
  8. i dont need to drive it RIGHT away, i have a cavalier. but i want a car that i can modify. i bought 3 of my cars wrecked and fixed em all. this one could be a problem as the 1/4 panel on the back isnt as easy to replace as a fender, bumper, and hood would if you know what im saying.
  9. oh well, that leaves me with the choice of a honda CRX or a 91 talon non-turbo, which would be turboed anyways if i get my hands on it. if i choose the CRX, ill pull the whole powertrain out of this one and throw it into the CRX
  10. I think it might need a new exhaust? :p
  11. get yourself a 1000$ integra that has a straight body and a blown motor. Get a cheapie JDM B18 and throw it in. You'll be doing yourself a favor. Body work is a BITCH. Think about every part you'd have to replace on this car....
  12. Fuck no, that thing has pretty decent chassis damage.

    Totally not worth it.

    The backwindow alone will cost you 200 bucks to replace.
  13. i went to look at it today, there is no frame damage, but i think ill stick with my friends honda CRX because its light weight, and buy all of the powertrain and drive train off of this one once i get some more money coming in.
  14. def. not worth it, im almost 100% sure the frame is bent.. its not worth to fix any car with a bent frame
  15. Get the CRX buddy. To turbo an ESi (or worse, an ES) is way to much effort and time and money than just finding a TSi. Besides, you want AWD if you get another Talon. Front wheel blows comparatively, trust me.
  16. i know. FWD wasnt that bad for me, i usually feathered the launch every time. my springs were stiff as hell though. i kept up with a stock AWD on launch once while using my friends drag radials. for a close to stock talon, mine ran really strong, till the engine started fucking up on me. i had 2 completely different engines in my 2 talons. a 420a, and a 4g63. both had the same pronlem, except the 420a was caused by me, and the 4g63's rod knock was the previous owner didnt change the oil very often, only added more sometimes. that resulted in my oil galleys not flowing right. for right now, i want a honda, gas mileage and more reliability. LS/VTEC or LS turbo will be soon to come if i get the CRX.
  17. that'll buff right out.

  18. Not all stoners do stupid shit when they are high. I am a stoner and I have never got in an accident.

    I think that that car would only be good for parts. That could never be worth it to get it to drive. You could probably find some pretty decent cars for $1000. Most of that cold air intake and shit like that isnt worth it for something that cant even move.
  19. didnt say all stoners were ;) i was just thinking it would be funny if it WAS a stoner who in reaction to almost hitting a car would have bad luck to miss and hit the gas.
  20. if you are good with cars and are willing to do some work then id say take it. looks like it was hit perfectly so the frame isnt bent or nothing. if it is then take off the body and find a good welder to box it for you.

    if you want a project car then do it. if not then it needs quite a bit of body work to it to justify a grand. thats still alot for that car. it has 100k miles on it and it was crashed from the back. it has potential. if you need a car instantly to drive find one that is already legal and registered.

    looks like 10% tint though. that would be nice to toke and drive. personally i have a bit of a harder time toking and driving with a 5 speed though. trying to smoke a bowl while shifting isnt as easy as it looks.

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