Need advice on broken plant

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  1. My garden umbrella came down on one of my plants and almost tore off a limb. How shall I treat the exposed part where it ripped off. It's still got the limb barely hanging from it. Thanks for the advice friends.
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  2. Beeswax. Go buy a toilet ring from a store and just use that. You get the most bang for buck that way. Rip a chunk off and use it to cover any exposed areas. I just learned this trick this year and it was amazing how fast a plant with huge splits recovered after losing 2 major branches from falling PVC pipe.
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  3. Also if it is still hanging on by enough you can sometimes re-attach the branch with something to tie it together (string or whatever). Cover the outside in beeswax aswell around the cracks. It can save a limb but it doesnt always work and most the time it is just better to cut the losses as the plant will just waste power trying to heal that branch
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    The wax from a ring; brilliant.
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  5. My friend taught me this and I was blown away by the results. 2 broken branches on opposite sides near the same spot, both were main branches. Covered it with beeswax and the plant acted like it never got broken. Ill have to take pictures next time I am there it blew my mind how good it works. Then he told me it came from a toilet ring I was like OMG GENIUS
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  6. I used to raise bees. I had LOTS of wax!
    Time marched on and all the wax got used... the old jars tossed away.
    Since then, every once in a while, I want a little bees wax... sigh.
    But ya know what? I have spare EVERYTHINGS for my toilet...
    including a johnny ring!
    (slaps head)
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  7. If the limb is still attached and you'd like to recover it, just duct tape it back on.
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  8. E0ADE958-1C2F-4693-8553-38304BAB2E73.jpeg 7CAA990F-8A52-442F-AC8D-A6C08EB400F2.jpeg I broke it in half on purpose
  9. Use some wire, preferably that green garden wire and BONSI imho
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    Your plant looks very stressed though. Almost all 3 leaves. And the white dots sometimes indicate mites but may also just be due to the stress. I would imagine you are causing a big loss in overall growth compared to less stressful forms of reshaping. It takes a while for plants to get their 5 leaves back after stress and usually have less growth. It could also just be because of what it was cloned from (revert maybe?) but in my opinion it looks pretty stressed.

    Three Leaf Weed Plant – Cannabis Growth Problem | Balance
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  11. Thanks!
    Those are plants that I cannot bare to throw away. I’ve got 45 others.
    It’s all good :pimp:
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  12. I'd worry more about the spidermite problem you have lol, you can break a plant in half and it will heal fine.
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