NEED advice on bong cleaning

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  1. so got a bong,,1 footer glass ice chamber.,,,pretty nice, my first,,ive had it for awhile now and its retty dirty,, how can i clean resi out from the bottom/stem,,thanks to all who help
  2. 91% ISO alcohol and salt, shaking vigorously should do the trick. I microwave my ISO for 10 seconds at a time until it gets close to boiling then pour it in the tube. Works like a charm, just be careful.
  3. I would definitely NOT do this.

  4. What would possess this?

  5. can u explain in better detail like where to get and what not,,thanks +rep
  6. Unless you want your bong to shatter, don't fucking do it.

    Just use rice and 91% ISO and shake it like a motherfucker.

    You can get rice at a grocery store.
    You can get ISO damn near everywhere (Dollar stores, pharmacies)
  7. I'm looking at this thread and the sticky titled 'Official Piece Cleaning Guide' at the same time.

  8. Your bong will not shatter unless you have a cheap tube made with really shitty glass. Most pieces can withstand quite a bit of heat before breaking.

    Cooking ISO in the microwave is stupid because not only does ISO smell HORRIBLE when heated (you'll know what I mean if you've ever rinsed your tube with hot water after cleaning it), but you run the risk of either setting the ISO on fire, ruining your microwave, or blowing something up. It's just stupid and not worth the risk, especially when ISO and salt (or rice) clean extremely well at room temperature.

    You can get ISO alcohol almost anywhere. It's just rubbing alcohol. Salt, get it from a grocery store. Pour in a little salt, some ISO, and shake until it is clean. May need to let it soak for awhile if it's really concentrated.
  9. Just from personal experience, heat and bongs don't mix. I used to have a thick ass 2 footer that survived alot of drops, but when I put heated water in it (not boiling) it broke off where the tube meets the part where the water sits. Just my personal experience with heat and bongs.:(
  10. i indeed up using 70% rubbing alchohol and salt. worked great!. now its allshiny. thanks all
  11. definitely never try to put very hot liquid in your bong
  12. I've been using the heating method for quite some time and have zero incidents, or anything close to that. It does smell awful, and I'm sure those fumes don't do any good, but I don't think its dangerous by any stretch of the imagination, just be careful. I'd reccomend getting some Grunge Off as well. If alcohol and salt ever fail at getting something off, GO will take care of it...and it works wonders on slides and downstems.
  13. I have found that iso and salt is best mixture. Just repeat the rinse a few times. I wouldn't recommend rice. In my experience, the grains are too big to get the small bits of resin. Iso+salt=happy piece :)
  14. any alcohol will work and anything lke salt or rice to beat away the resign from inside the green mint alcohol is the best leave minty taste after cleaning

  15. yeah i used the mint

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