Need advice on attic growing pls

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  1. Hi I'm setting a grow up in a loft I've insulated it with king span insulation used in houses then boarded it all up then put Mylar on roof and walls,I was planning on using 4-5 600w lights and putting roughly 40 pots in question really is not only do u think this cud work but the best way to sort the electrics out without it going bang!ive also got 2 4inch inline fans bringing fresh air in and 8inch inline fan attached to filter I was thinking ov putting 3-4 small desk fans for each corner,I've been looking at 8 way sockets that apparantly reduce the power n make it safe are they the best/cheapest option?any good advice is welcomed
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    You need to pump the hot air out. Attics make great grow ovens...and come summer time you can forget about it.
    What you are building is a big solar dehydrator. saw a hole in the house and mount a window AC unit in the hole.
    Electrical...well I dont think you are prepared to plug in 2,400 watts of lights and fans. To be safe you want 3 20 amp circuits .
    I have no idea how anything saves power.  you running 240V?
  3. Will I be ok venting into the eves of the loft?ive built a room within the loft n was gonna vent into the eves,yea I'm using 240watt,also i havnt got a red/blue spectrum light should I get one?

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