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  1. ok so im pretty worried about running everything in my room off a powerbar pluged into a 110 outlet. im running a 1000w hps, an exhaust fan, and ocilating fan off the power bar thats about 11amps for all that but i would like to add my 400w mh. the room runs on a 20 fuse. do you think ill be drawing too much juice and risk fire or tripping the breaker or will this be far enough under 20 that its no problem? thanks!!
  2. Go to home depo and get a clam on amp probe then you can see how many amps each light & and fan are pulling, also check your wire size if it is 14 gage or lower your good
  3. i have 12 gage wire and the 1000w has a tag saying it draws ~ 9.06amp and the inline fans tag says 0.96amp but idk about the 400. ill have a look for the amp probe.
  4. a 20 amp outlet will take 2400 watts. i dont suggest plugging them all into a power strip though
  5. Cottage and amps have nothing to do with each other lets treat this like a car with horse power and tork HP determines top speed that's watts tork determines take off and alteration that's amps . You can have a million volts but only have 5 amps.behind it, or you can have 100 volts with 200 amps.behind it and burn a house down. Watts is just a measure of power emitted through light or heat . That's why heaters and bulbs are rated in watts and switches and and breakers are rated but the amps they can carry. Electrical tip of the day volts and watts don't kill people amps do
  6. what would u suggest? this is where i dont have many options. i tried to wire a new plug box from the power supply but im not so good with electrical and calling someone is not a good idea.
  7. amperage carries voltage. voltage wont kill but amperage will.

    but as far as your home electric system is set up it goes like this.

    kitchens and bathrooms have 20 amps on the circuit for kitchen apliances and blowdryers etc. 20 amps will hold 2400 watts

    most other rooms in the house will have a 15 amp circuit which can run 1875 watts. some bedrooms are tied into the same circuit so dont just run things from 2 rooms unless you know its on a different circuit.

    if you have a 20 amp circuit you should be fine for everything you need. just dont plug everything into the power strip in case you trip over it or something isnt plugged in all the way. put the lights directly into the wall outlets and run all your accessories to the power strip. some power strips will run 1875 watts(15 amp) and you have 2400 to play with. so just dont put more than 1500-1600watts on the strip

  8. thanks for all the help
  9. And dont forget most ballasts (magnetic) spike on start up so they are actually pulling about an amp more than the rating at start up..

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