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  1. Ok guys so here's my situation, I recently graduated high school and am taking a year off to get my shit situated. So with that being said ill start with the rest of my story. I live in a college town ( Tuscaloosa if you've heard of it ) and as you would expect I don't fit in here at all i was ridiculed and bullied all the way through high school for being myself which as you might expect is not the norm in small city alabama. So my dilemma is i hate it here but my college is paid for 2 years threw a pact that my grandparents paid for ( old college professors ) and my entire family is here as well and so are my friends what few of them are left and on top of that i have small social anxiety issues ( Due to high school mainly) and MJ helps with them tremendously. So my question is should i tough it out and go to school here then move or follow my dream go to cali and get a mmj card. To be honest the main reason why im asking this is to get a non biased somewhat stony opinion from liked minded people. Anyways guys thanks ahead for the advice. :wave:
  2. It depends. Do you have any reason to stay at your home? A close relationship with family members and/or friends? If you aren't really close with any family members (Not even thinking about any friends you have because you will make new friends in no time) then I would go, most definitively.
  3. This is Amurica

    follow your dream.
  4. My family is somewhat dysfunctional (Mom is bipolar) and my dad had been somewhat standoffish but I am really close to my uncle but he might actually move with me which would be great. :smoke:
  5. nice post count =D
  6. And on top of this my mom just came into my room because she got some advice from a two bit lawyer and took my pipe and my bong because she said that two counts of paraphernalia is a felony. Then i talked to her about cali and she told me i couldn't afford it and that i was too dumb for their schools. Nothing like your parents shitting on your dream right?
  7. can u do the college thing later? do you even want to do college? i know i do but not yet. im following my dreams first, and if all fails, ill work a job that dosent suck that much ass.go to cali if you got any money what so ever to support yourself because it one of the most expensive places to live.if you dont got money, and you got the balls, go for it. i envy you because im not ready yet to just travel the world , or in your situation a different state, but eventually i plan to.
  8. Dude i have pretty much the same fucking dream, i just got outta skewl and dont know what to do either lol but if you do decide to move to cali im down to be a roomate. read myt latest blog it kinda itercedes with yours.
  9. Man college life is waaaaay different from high school. There will be people you can connect with and no one will ridicule or bully you because no one gives a shit about you... in a good way. Just enjoy your life.
  10. ya i acctually change my vote. you could try the college thing first , and then follow the dream. but u better eventually go for that dream !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
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    I agree with this 100%. Everyone is more grown up for sure. You'd make friends easily.

    Oh yeah, and since I've been in uni, I've smoked a lot less pot. It's not so bad. Don't you think it's silly to have your life dream revolve around pot? Focus on what you want to do for the rest of your life.

  12. Hearing that man, I'd leave in a fuckin heartbeat. Are your funds sufficient? You don't wanna go out there broke, I meen you will obviously get a job when you get out there but that might take a couple months.
  13. I want to go to college but my grades are not as high as they should be due to a mathematics learning disorder and severe add, or so they tell me. But all through high school I pretty much ran the T.V. production class and the teacher told me that I could defiantly get a job in the field if I pursued one. But the thing is i'm broke as balls because I had to buy my own car because my mother has fought every freedom inducing idea iv'e ever had but anyway i'm most likely going to but
  14. And guys all my friends are in school at the local cc or at alabama. And also my "dream" corresponds with my needs because since iv'e been 9 ive always wanted to work in the skateboarding industry which is located in cali with exception off zoo york and a couple local companies. And the U of A is nothing but jocks and rich delinquent type kids trust me i know iv'e lived here my whole life and i know everyone in this town that there is to know pretty much ( not trying to sound arrogant jerk because i'm in a kinda bad mood right now) but anyways thanks for the help guys i'm gonna way the pros and cons and keep saving up either way. Once again thanks for the help guys!

  15. Dude if i actually move I'll hit you up because having a roomie thats down with the ganj is kinda hard to find.
  16. Two years of school paid for, that's a pretty nice deal actually. A college degree is a wonderful thing to have, and you should really think twice before you go ahead and turn that down. Two years of student loans after that really isn't much compared to how much more you could make over the course of your lifetime.

    And the skateboarding industry is VERY difficult to break into these days, it's almost like pro-sports - I guess it very much is these days. Kids who want to break into skateboarding are a dime a dozen.

    Get your education, at least then you have something to fall back on.

    And do it in a four-year school, if your deal is only for community college, then fuck it, you have to at least shoot for your dream.
  17. The skating industry is very dynamic there is tons of jobs from web designers to video and editing ( which is my field hopefully) and yes the deal is for two years free ride anywhere in state.
  18. So anywhere in don't know the south at all, but there's gotta be somewhere cool you could work towards getting into, somewhere you can fit in. Half of a college education is not something to just walk away from. Besides you can learn a hell of a lot of stuff that would be good for your skating industy thing.
  19. Well about 70 miles north of here theres Birmingham which is a city of about 1.5 million people, but the thing there is it's all black colleges ( Race separation is really bad here like everyone stays on there side of town and ect ect.) and community colleges which are pointless because i can go to a real college and all but i would fit in somewhat better there because its a city which means more people like me naturally, but the main thing here is not only are people like me far and few between but so are girls who are willing to date me which on top of all this is not a plus (and just so you guys know i'm probably the most average looking person on earth). But anyway i think i might just have to make a film to explain to people how shit really is here because it really is a bizarre place to live.

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