Need advice on 30x18x36 grow tent set up.

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  1. Hey all. I hope you are all well.

    So I had to scrap plans to grow in an 8 foot tall tent because we moved . I now an reduced to growing in this 30x18x36 tent . I am only start with two. Problem is I am brand new and have no idea how to set up such a small space. My plans had all been for the larger space . Could you please make suggestion on how to set this up and what to use ? I currently have a 450 watt LED light which I am fairly sure caused bleach on one of my plants . Thanks!

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  2. Step 1: Cut your plant plans in half. 2 plants can easily fill a 4x4. You'll get better yield from one happy plant than 2 miserable plants.
  3. I should mention the are auto flowers and 2 and a half feet is their Max height
  4. Knowing height is great. But if they're bushy, you'll run out of canopy area in a hurry. Only parts of the plant that get light make bud.
  5. Ok makes sense . Now can you recommend some set up tips for this tent ?
  6. I've never grown in a tent that small. I'll leave that to someone with more experience on that size grow.
  8. Alright thanks man!
  9. Everything I know is DWC (hydro). I don't know if you're doing soil or hydro, but you'll want to think about how much height your containers will add, considering your space limitations.
  10. Good point I am doing soil . I have the one on five gallon pot which I think is too large. I may try and put them into 3 gallon pots which will allow me to give about 24 inches of height between the plant and the light
  11. First thing i would do is read up in the micro grow section, it is definitely doable with 2 auto's, with plenty of LST,
    Hope all goes well keep us updated. Good Luck!
  12. Will do thanks a ton !
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  13. Any update bro?
  14. Hey man . So I moved the plant from tent to a sun room with much better climate for now . I ordered a new exaust and ducting system and once rig it up and test test the climate I'll move the plants back into the tent .
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  15. As you can see there was some damage but she apears to be recovering

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