Need advice, mom caught me...twice

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    So yeah, I'm a decently new smoker. I started about a year ago, but didn't do it often. I'm talking like once every 6 months. Then in about May I decided this shit isn't too bad, it's harmless. I do it for a fun time. I did start doing it once every day or every couple days.

    So I went out and bought a pretty fat bowl and some high quality dro. Shits expensive, about 20 dolla per .9 in CT here. Sucks, I know. I try many different people and really can't find any deals. Lately I had been buying eights for a better deal (around $55-60)

    So yeah, I kept a few pipes that my bosses husband gave to me. He also gave me a few free g's of White Shark. Shit was CASH. I keep my bowl and stash hidden in my car but sometimes my dad goes through it, so I have to keep it on the move, half in my room half in my car.

    My mom was cleaning my room (wtf? I can clean it myself.. i'm 21. Currently in college so can't spend the money to move out) and found the small wooden pipes that the dude gave me. There was literally a pinch of year-old weed in there that I didn't touch.

    So my mom approached me and pretty much said she wasn't cool with it which makes her a hypocrite since she did it at my age. I told her I wouldn't, thinking she wouldn't find any more shit.

    Well, what do you know, not 2 damn days go by and my dad needs my car. So i put the shit in an air tight box which I wouldn't think would be found. Even hid it under a bunch of mats and shit in the box to mask any smell. I leave my house to go to work and come back to put it back in my car for the night ahead and it's gone.

    I've convinced my mom that it really isn't so bad and she's willing to compromise. I asked for once a week (I'd still do it more than that though) and she said that's too much (??? wtf) We left it at that but so long as I don't let her see it and she doesn't find it I guess she doesn't really care. I just wish I could convince her that a few times a week isn't bad. Any advice? (Tried the Union, she won't watch it)

    tldr: mom caught me with weed, need advice on what to say to her to make her believe that more than once a week isn't bad...

    (In before "MOVE OUT YOURE 21!", thats kind of hard considered there are few jobs and I don't get many hours at my job, also pay for my own tuition so rent is out of the question until I graduate)
  2. right off the bat im wondering what a "decently new smoker" is
    but i dont want to be an asshole so I wont go too far with that one

    show this woman the union
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    You cant change all peoples minds by showing them a movie, at least not my parents.
  4. she won't haha. she hates movies can't stand them. I already offered. Decently new? Well i'm certainly not experienced. I was straightedge until I was 20.
  5. Locked box/ safe with good electronic/rotary lock nuff said
  6. its the wrong usage of decent bro

    im fairly new smoker would have worked
  7. wow dude 21 and your ma still goes threw your shit she sounds nuts
  8. she's not really nuts. This is the first time in about 5 years she's done that, and it was because she started hearing from family members that they thought I smoked
  9. Smoke your mom out
  10. I wish man, that'd be funny as hell
  11. honestly doesnt sound to bad man i'd gradually show her that you can handle your priorities and continue smoking
  12. My mom caught me once.. I was watching La Femme Nikita on USA Network....
  13. i loled cause you said you started a year ago and smoke every 6 months. that means you smoked twice.... then i read the rest and figured it out.
  14. I know you already said it but dude fucking move it go with a friend it can't be that hard to get a apartment for $400-$500 a month -.-.
  15. ^would need a new job
  16. stop smoking, get a better job, save your money, move out
  17. dude. Just be more careful. Take some time, think of a proper spot to hide your stuff. Smoke only when it's out of eyesight from your parents. Don't smoke at home when they are home or you are not sure when they will be back. Man you can keep on smoking if you legit stick to some hard freakin measures to not get caught, just devise some sorta set of rules and stick to them and dude, u gonna be ok.
  18. The only reasonable solution

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