Need advice - Is this joint good for a begginner?

Discussion in 'General' started by John Lennon, Mar 18, 2012.

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    My friend wants to try weed for the 1st time, so I rolled a joint, but I need advice. Im not sure if this one is well done. I used 2 papers because one seemed to be not enough for the amount of weed I used. Do you guys think this thing will burn nice? Maybe is too tight?



  2. its terrible, ill get rid of it for you.
  3. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  4. He just wants your herb, bro. :laughing:
  5. Nice finger work. Good for a noob. Now, I command you to smoke it!!!!!!

  6. shhhh, ive been dry for 4 days and havent had a decent nights sleep because of it... i just want to sleep dammit.
  7. [​IMG]

    Get yourself some of this. Drink a glass or two a little while before you go to bed, then see how you feel. It helps me when I'm restless!

    Edit: OP the J looks good. Smoke him out, let us know how it goes!
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    i have $3 to my name right now and an empty tank of gas. im not getting shit till i find some money... but i might pick some up after i get some herb. looks like it could be handy in case of a dry spell.

  9. When you're out of weed... life becomes...

  10. Shitty man. Oh well, but it's not like this knocks you out, it just helps get you in that mood. I throw some on vaporizer bowls (it's chamomile 100% organic, no caffeine, etc.) and the mix, or just it by itself gives you a warm little buzz and can easily help you fall asleep.
  11. 3 bucks to your name? How the fuck do you even live? :eek:
  12. well its nice, but that amount of weed DEFINITELY woulda fit in one paper. Now your just gonna taste paper :s

  13. in my parents garage, i shit you not.
  14. Do you guys think is a good amount of weed for a begginner? Keep in mind that were going to share the joint
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    well is it dank or mids or what? there are a lot of variables but for a first timer thats more than enough. but remember he might not get high no matter how much he smokes. make him aware of that and tell him to not have any expectations. thats the biggest mistake someone can make. they think its going to be like it is in the movies and when its not they might get disappointed and not smoke again. thats the only thing my friend did right on my first time.

    edit: if its dank dont make him smoke too much. let him take a hit or two then chill till he's ready to hit it again. thats why bowls are generally better for a beginner because it doesnt continue to burn even if no one is hitting it.
  16. It looks like a good J but only use one paper. I used to hate how my friend would double wrap his joints. It taste gross IMO
  17. So I better roll again with one paper?

  18. it will be less harsh if you do, but it will burn slower with 2.
  19. I'm so so SO sick of hearing this.
    I have never ever ever met someone that did NOT get high their first time.
    If they smoke an ENTIRE bowl or an ENTIRE j and the smoke physically reaches their lungs they will get high.
    If they take one hit, didn't fully inhale and coughed and stopped hitting it and said they didn't feel it, that doesn't count.
    Ive smoked countless first timers out and every single one got high.
    I've never even had an encounter with someone that didn't feel it the first time unless they didn't inhale and only took a hit or two.
    Whoever came up with this assumption needs to just be hung by his toenails.
    I've met some people that heard this silly nonsense and they didn't think they WERE gonna high, so they took as many hits as possible and wanted to hit off EVERY bowl,then they were comepletely fucked, and couldn't move as was like, freakin out. They got way to friggen high, and if they went into it just like "oh yeah, im gonna get high. cool" they woulda smoked a bowl or two and been fine.
    Instead they were like "ah fuck im gonna spend 20 bucks and not even get high, LETS SMOKE ALL OF IT I HAVE TO GET HIGH RAAWWRRRR" and ended up fuckin themselves up.

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