need advice im really depressed

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  1. my girlfriend and i were dating for 4 1/2 months, shes bipolar to start with, she broke up with me for some stupid reason because she over reacted because of her bipolar. we loved each other very much, and we both lost our virginitys to each other. well we got back together 2 weeks ago, she said she missed me, and i missed her. so we have dated for 5 months now. she told me yesterday she is moving back to maryland to live with her mom. it all started when her mom went to rehab because of drug addictions, she lived with her grandparents, she went camping with her previous boyfriend when her grandparents said no, so they kicked her out and sent her to illinois with her dad. her dad kicked her out because of his girlfriend not liking her. her dads girlfriend a complete bitch/golddigger, shes like 27 her dads like 45 and hes rich. well now she is living with a friend for the rest of her senior year, she graduates early in december and is going to live with her mom untill april because then she leaves for basics because she is joining the airforce, well she told me yesterday that she would not get close to me like she was before, because the fact that she wants to go live with her mom because she misses her. well her mom is a complete bum and lives in her boyfreiends parents house while her boyfriend is in jail... im trying to talk her into staying but she misses her mom. i really want her to stay because i still love her.. idk what to do. is there anyways you think id be able to convince her to just visit her mom for like a month and then come back. i need advice im really sad and duno whats gonna happen:cry:
  2. she might go live with her mom for a bit and if its as bad as you say it is she will probaly realized she made a mistake and come back. i have seen this happen.
  3. the thing is, her moms not even a parent figure to her, shes more like her best friend. she tells her everything that she does, she even talked to her about her losing her virginity to me :eek: her mom encourages her to do dumbshit..
  4. man find a more stable girl.. she's bi-polar with absolutely no family structure so shes bound to be crazy just staaaay way bro trust me im being harsh here but its not gonna work out
  5. honestly you are absolutely right, i should of ran along time ago.. thanks :)
  6. Think of it as a cloud with a silver lining bro. The cloud is the situation and the silver lining is that you can make a run for it now. Sucks breaking up with bipolars. lol.
  7. Yep. Run. Just get out. Devilsheep is right, this just sounds like drama to me, get out now so you can hurt less later.
  8. Don't be monogamous.
  9. First off, you changed your mind just like that... so I think you are bipolar as well.

    Second, if you truly do love her than you would want what is best for her and not what you want for yourself, telling her not to live with her mom is just selfish on your part.

    I have been in a situation like this, where I really liked this girl for a really long time and I told her that I loved her after being close friends for nearly a year. After I told her she pretty much stopped talking to me and said that she felt awkward being around me knowing that I was in love with her, which was like a stab to the heart, because I really cared about her and never did anything to hurt her. I went out of my way to pick her up from parties, pick her up when she was stranded at 3am, smoked her out all the time, made friends with her shitty friends just to make her happy, gave her shitty friends rides and connects.... anyways I found out after I confessed my love to her and through some of her shitty friends that she liked one of my friends and not me, and he liked her back. This kind of damaged me emotionally because I felt like I was not good enough and I was not doing something right, she would not tell me why or what it was she didn't like about me except for the fact that I loved her and she "didn't like me that way". Anyways, I told them to get together because they were too scared to talk to each other (clear to me now that they were both immature mentally) and it was obvious that if I didn't say anything that neither of them would ever make a move and she would be unhappy forever. I could have not said anything and tried to keep her to myself, but seeing her miserable and unhappy was hurting me badly.

    My point is... love is like a boomerang... if she really loves you, she will return. You just have to let her go and take whatever happens. Unfortunately for me the girl that I liked never came back to me, we text each other at times but that inner fire that I kept burning for her for such a long time has burnt out and I fear that it may be amiss and I may never be able to rekindle the flame for anyone ever again, no one seems to really catch my attention like she did, but I digress. Love is evil my friend, just got to learn to roll with the punches. Don't let it turn you cynical, as hard as it may be.
  10. I know a guy married to a bipolar woman. Get out, while you still can.
  11. This is true, but there is another truth. There is a point at which caring for someone else is just too detrimental to yourself and you need to back off and take care of yourself for awhile.

    Arckaic, don't worry, you will find love again, it might take awhile, but that's ok.

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