Need advice/help on first CFL grow.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BlackFlaggin, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Hi this is my first grow and i need abit of help.. here are some details.

    Theres two bag seeds. One is from a sour diesel plant and one is unknown dankage seed.

    I have 4 CFL daylight bulbs. 23 watts each. 92 watts total... They are 1 inch away from the plants and small two leaves are sprouting already from both plants.(Germed them 4 days ago and put them in the pot yesterday)

    Are the lights too close to the plant sprouts? Should i move them back another inch or so? They are only one inch away...

    There in a rubbermaid tote box thing. I'm not sure of the temperature but people said it gets hot in there. I havent started using the fan but ive been opening the lid for a few minutes during the day. I decided to add more rubbermaid boxes stacked up when the plant gets taller(If they do:confused:) and add more lights. I have 4 2500K CFL bulbs for flowering already also.

    I dont have a camera on me but should have the pictures up by tommorrow! PROMISE!:wave:

    I just need some advice and this will be worth it at the end!! It would be bud pornage!!:cool:

    Oh also.. the soil is organic soil but i dont think it has any food in it. I decided to get some food and better soil in a few days... I was reading up on other post about what food to get the plants.. all the 10-405-2302 numbers confuse me???? but can someone tell me some good food for it, like from experience or give me some numbers to look for.

    I hope both plants are female but if not then that sucks.. lol! but uh i wouldnt mind getting 3 ounces dry at the end of this:D so if you think i need anything else also say that..!!

    Alright sorry for the long read.. stoners like to write when there high.
  2. BUMP?? No one?..

    I'm still going to get the pictures later on today!!!
  3. good luck getting 3 ounces dried on 4cfls, i mean im sure its possible its not a lot of lumens
    hope all goes well though!
    good luck onn the grow
  4. Try to get some pictures up as soon as you can, it'll give people a much better idea as to what is going on with your plants.

    As far as bulb distance, I was told between 2 and 4 inches, so you should be good for now, but I'd raise them just a tad.

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