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  1. Hi, i got some problem with this baby i think….leaf stems turn purple and leafs turn down and leaf edged turn purple also pistils turned purple and its only week 5 and 3 days since i flip to 12/12…what is going on please?

    OG Kush from clone
    Temp Off 17-19C
    Temp On 20-24C
    Water Temp 18C
    PPM 800 (on 700scale)
    PH 5.8 - 6.3
    Led lights 660W pro

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  2. very fast maturing strand . All the brown hairs indicates its about done . There some white but more brown then white . I want to see a pick of buds on the middle and lower part of the plant . I say do not do anything just keep doing what your doing to its done . Looks good
    Smaller buds are done a lot faster then big buds
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  3. turning purple is the sap stalling inside the plant, as in apples and cabbage,
    keep up your temps to 'normal' 77F
    shuffle the plants about daily
    check the trics to your color before harvest

    good luck
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  4. Cant It be from deficiency of something? 5 weeks is too early to be done and the buds stopped growing suddenly like 3 days ago im really confused and dont know what to so, if to keep feeding her or flush :(
  5. The plant tells you when it's done, not the other way around. Check your trichomes, if they are good, chop them down.
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  6. One more feeding of nutrients . Then plain water if you want to do so or feed up to harvest not needed Its a flush or not debate . I think 10 to 20 days fully done . Need to look at them under a scope. Down load a app on your phone microscope . Send pics of them on here to us .
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  7. Can you name a good app?

  8. That is K tox/def. Very difficult to fix in that adding more has never worked for me. Goes purple and then burnt edges and finally necrono leaves. Usually more harm to grower and plant to try to fix. But you probably had K def in veg and didn't notice, then it grows fine, and the tox shows up about now. It has no affect on trichs or thc. You can get very stoned from a plant with no leaves. It's got something ti do with calcium and K. IDK, the chemist explains it. But for me it was easier to try something different next time than try to prevent something which probably by now is inevitable. The fix involves flushing and calmag. Those plants look too good to interrupt that way.
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  9. idk what app . Just type in magnifier there will be many .I once used it for fun looking at these plants and pulled out a splinter .
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  10. Here is best i could find….

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  11. ok what i would doo . Pull a small bud . Throw it into the mircowave Get it dry smoke it . If its good harvest . Looks good to me .

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