NEED ADVICE: Got in a crash without a drivers license

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  1. So i got in a wreck and it was my fault...i dont have a DL. i live in houston texas. Anyways after thre crash the cop came and said the insurance didnt cover me cause i had no license and that the people were gonna sue my dad for allowing me to drive without one....anyways, everyone left and when i got home i got a call from some guy saying he was the father of the guy i crashed into, and that he would work something out with me insteadd of suing my dad. Anyways now i have to pay 200 a month for an overall payment of 4100 dollars. Now take in mind that i have never seen this guy (the father), never signed any sort of papers or agreements regarding the crash....cop didnt give me a ticket or anything....never even really looked at the damage of his vehicle or anything. So i feel like i should just stop paying? i paid 200 last month and this month is due but i feel like i shouldnt to avoid scams.....someone help me out please...remember, this is in houston texas.
  2. Well if you agreed to pay him and you dont thats pretty shitty of you. Im not sure what i would do tbh. I got in a crash before i had my license but it was into some loadimg platform for a pickup on the back and they didnt have any damage so only thing i paid for was damage to my car. And is your license suspended?
  3. Sounds like he's cutting you a break. He could sue you for ALOT more.
  4. You should pay him, but be sure to get it in writing that you have paid him X amount so far, and that you will continue to pay $200 per month for X amount of months for compensation on the accident (with date/time, police report #, etc) totaling $4100.

    Get whoever owns the vehicle to sign it, and you sign it. If you just stop paying you're gonna get sued I think.
  5. That's low man..

    He's cutting you a HUGE break..
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    How did you get in a car wreck and not see the damage? Did you atleast get out to check the damage on your own vehicle? :smoke: Also how bad was the accident, how fast were you both going roughly?
  7. Definitely what Jeff88 said. You need to document your payments and the dates, etc.

    And don't just... stop paying. Then youll be in a ton of shit
  8. Have you seen the guy?

    Try going over to his house, apologizing, and working out the deal there. Over the phone? what if it's just some guy ripping you off?

    Probably not the case, but it can't help to be curious in this situation. You also want to document these payments, so if he ever tries to take you to civil court you can show evidence to them.

    people in general cannot be trusted so don't put so much trust in them so easily. watch your back, make sure everything is legit. He is cutting you a huge deal, and you should take it, but make sure it's a legit deal first.
  9. Well, when this happened to me I got a lawyer because eh, I wasn't driving per say, Just majorly contributed to the wreck..He helped me to avoid serious charge and jail cos apparently here you can go to jail for that.

    Sounds like this guys cutting you a break, Id personally keep up payments and do the research and then stop if you find your being screwed over, maybe then you'll have grounds to get it back in court or something. Hell im too high for this.
  10. You should hand him the next check personally to meet the guy and make sure hes reallyu who he says he is and make sure your not getting scammed

  11. Pretty good stoned advice. He is letting you off without facing serious shit OP. Could end up costing you more in court fees and lawyers, plus whatever the judge decides. The guy is also taking a RISK by dealing outside of courts, where he also could get screwed. I would ask to see an estimate for the damage, to see that you aren't getting obviously screwed over.

    Although, you kinda screwed this guy over by crashing into his car in the first place. If you followed the law, you wouldn't have been on the road to get into an accident. Don't cop out just because you didn't handle it inside the system and there isn't a lot of proof (that you know of, if this guy has pictures of your car and his, at the accident, and he decides to press charges, then you will have a pissed off guy suing you)
  12. [quote name='"RememberTheName"']That's low man..

    He's cutting you a HUGE break..[/quote]

    Pretty much.
    Since you didn't have a license this dude could probably sue you and get a brand new car, then there is also lawyer fees and court cost, all that.
    So what's better 4,100 or over 20,000?
  13. Just have the guy sign a document that states the total amount of damages, how much you pay each month, and you sign it as well...go to Walmart and buy one of those receipt books, and make sure to pay him in a check or money order that way you can trace it if he tries to screw you. Have him sign the receipt every month as well, and make sure to keep track of every payment.

    I wouldn't stop paying him, you got a huge break here, and hopefully learned your lesson as well. I was driving my moms car, and ended up rear ending somebody, we exchanged insurance info and DL info...he called me a couple days later, apparently my mom had let the insurance lap, but he didn't call the cops, he got an estimate and gave me a copy of it, I paid him $650 and that was that...don't take advantage of someone's kindness!
  14. Well me I would keep paying but since you guys went your seperate ways and he decided to handle this himself Im pretty sure you could stop paying and nothing would happen, Its like you hit him and took off if he doesnt have any info on you or witness I think hes shit out of luck if you decided to stop paying.

    He cant sue you now but Im not totally sure so dont listen to me Im just thinking that you both drove off and all he got was a number he messed up and cant say yo hit his car anymore especially if youve fixed the damage on your end. No proof !

  15. So your advising him to take advantage of the guy because there is no proof? Not to mention we don't know if there is no proof that won't hold up in a court of law. Morally, and logically, that is just bad advice. Even if he knew there was nothing the guy could do in court, why fuck over the nice guys?

    For that reason alone I can't be nice to someone if I get into a car accident, cops and insurance every time. Sorry. I don't have the money to afford taking a risk on the assumption that people can be kind in return. I am not getting screwed by someone, especially if it's not my fault and shouldn't have happened if they couldn't follow the most basic rule about driving a car: Can't drive until you have a license. There are enough accidents due to speeding and distractions, having one because he isn't a legal driver is downright nonsense.
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    Dude stfu you obviously just looking to argue. ILL BOLD IT FOR YOU

    And fuck a nice guy what makes this guy nice becuase he set him up with a 4100 payment when it could be much worse...??? This is the easy rode for him a monthly check of 200 from some guy with no insurance much better than going through the hassle of sueing someone.
  17. Take it a step further and kill him already.

  18. Relax, I wasn't even being mean, you were the one who were suggesting it. I was asking if you were hoenstly advising him. Writing the words "don't take my advice" while giving him advice is slightly confusing, so please forgive me for asking you a question.

    The rest of my post was a social commentary, which unfortunately was directed at you because you did say there was no proof, and that driving away he probably can't get sued.

    I am sorry if me saying that your reasoning scares me into trusting people, but um just the fact that you would consider it makes me feel like someone actually in that position, under stress and pressure to pay up, would eventually adopt that train of thought and decide they don't need to repay me, even though I did them a favor.

    No reason to get so touchy, I wasn't accusing you, just making a commentary on what you said. I could just have easily told you to STFU because I didn't like what you said, but I tried to keep it non personal between us, since you aren't even what I was ranting about. In fact, most of what I said is NOT directed at you, considering you said you WOULD pay the guy in that case.
  19. :eek: Take it easy man, take my wallet and shoes just stop typing I dont want no problems:bolt::confused_2::bongin:.

  20. Or don't read what I wrote:confused_2: I guess I will just GTFO then since I am a flaming asshole who shouldn't be upset about good people getting stepped on. Take the time to reread what I wrote, I am not being threatening. No need to be rude to a fellow blade, who isn't even against you.

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