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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Business and Industry News' started by zaxar, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Hello to all the member of this forum

    I'm a grower from a country where only few month ago marijuana has been decriminalized. Every day the number of growers increasing. In spite of the fact that officially in law not all the details are corrected. (there still left some laws that are charged with jail.) Demand of cannabis friendly shops are increasing day by day. So all of this makes me to think that I have to answer the market. So I decided to open online cannabis growing shop, that sells everything you need to grow cannabis. (nutrients, soil etc.) I mean sell everything legally. Of course here are a lot of garden stores but can hardly find something really useful for cannabis growing.

    Today I was thinking that people from countries that made the same path. (From decriminalization to legalization) could help me, by giving some useful tips. Is it worth it? Maybe it is too early to start or how this kind of business developed in your country?

    Would be glad to hear your opinions
  2. When the gold rush hit, those that made better profits sold the tools.
    I think you are on the right path.

  3. the early adopters in america are the ones running the show in legal states now. many fall flat but the sooner you get started the sooner people will come to know your brand. if you can handle a probable lack in customers early on you will likely end up making more profit later on. that being said it would be wise to talk with a lawyer, accountant and bank before you proceed.
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  4. I'm glad reading your replies! It makes me think that I'm on the right path! Motivation encreased.
  5. @zaxar
    California passed it's first Medical Cannabis act back in 1996 and many Hydro shops existed well before that.
    hydroponics store - Google Search
    A google search here pulls at least 30 shops within 30 miles of me in this huge metropolitan area.
    Consider an actual Brick and Mortar shop as many people don't like to have grow lights and bags of Fox farm soil delivered to the front door.
    Inside growers like to have light and fans just a short drive away when the bulb blows or they need warranty on the ballast we don't want to ship it off and wait 2 weeks for the replacement.
    Both approaches should achieve a thriving business.
    BAS (Build a Soil) is a good example of a guy who started selling dirt and additives out of his garage online and turned it into a nice little gold mine.

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