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  1. I have 4 seedlings in a closet approximately 2❌4✖8 foot tall. I can't cut holes into the door or wall and with the door shut it gets way to hot on there even though I'm using cfls. So I have to leave the door open all the time, but I would like to be able to shut and lock the door when I'm not home. Would putting a small fan in there do any good or just blow hot air around? Other than cutting holes in the door/walls any suggestions to help lower the temp. And add some ventilation?
  2. No way around it that i can think of, either find a different area to grow in, leave the door open all the time or get too cutting them walls, even if you put enough fans to have ok temps all there doin is circulating stale air, plants need fresh air just like we do
  3. Yeah I guess I'll just leave the door open and just get a lock for our room, I wouldn't mind cutting holes but my grandpa built this house and him and my grandma has passed away so I wasn't to found of cutting holes lol. But what about light leaks when I get ready to flower?
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    Is it possibly to buy a cheap door that will fit?  Remove the original door and store it.  Put the cheap door in and cut away.
    Intake from the bottom, vent out the top.
    WDIK's idea is the best route, doors are easily replaceable. Drywall is pretty simple to repair too.
    Your grandpa sounds like a very resourceful guy. No doubt he'd have been growing hemp for it's many uses, just like every generation before him. I think that he would be very proud of you for producing your own renewable resources, but that's just me.

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