(Need advice) first grow Black gold auto grow 250w cfl/600 hps

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  1. Hi guys this is my first grow, before I tried growing my own smoke I did alot of research on it so that my crop is successful.
    Grow lights
    Vegetation stage:
    250w blue spectrum cfl
    Flowering stage: 600w eurolux HPS
    Light cycle
    2x black gold auto
    2x pc fan(one for intake and one for exaust

    Alright so this is my grow room. 20160325_104934.jpg

    Anyway could anyone please have a look at my plants and give my some advice since this is my first grow? It's going rly well but there is a couple of things I'm worried about. 20160325_110325.jpg
    They first surfaced exactly 3 weeks and 5 days ago so I'm guessing that they are going to start flowering soon since they are autos.
    This one is smaller because for the first 3 weeks the light wasn't positioned properly so they bigger one on the left was getting most of the light. Once I noticed that the light isn't positioned properly I adjusted it so that the plant on the right gets more light and it seems to be doing well now.
    This is the bigger plant.

    Alright guys so do they look big enough for their age and healthy?

    These are the nuts I'm using at the moment 20160325_111743.jpg
    I water them every 2/3 days depending on how dry the soil feels.(when I check the soil I put my finger 2" deep into the soil)

    Also the bottom two single leaves on the bigger plant seem to be dying and I have no idea if this is normal(because they're not getting any light because the canopy is quiet bushy) or this is the first signs of a deficiency of some sort.
    Any help would be appreciated. :love-mj2:
  2. Your plants look fine man. The lower leaves not getting light will always die off slowly. Nice job with the lst. They should be starting to shoot upwards now. I would say to throw that 600watt over them and watch them explode with growth, but I think your going to need a much larger fan.
  3. What's In Your soil

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  4. Looking great man. If you can, add some corn sst. Will do wonders.. I agree to switch to the hps now
  5. Thanks :) I've been doing Lst on them for the past 3 weeks and to be honest I'm glad that I did :D I'm pretty sure that the yield would suffer greatly if I didn't lst them :love-mj2: I'm using biobizz organic soil light mix since I was growing them in that medium from seed

    I'm buying the hps tommorow and I'm going to swap it with the cfl straight away :) I don't know why people on here say that cfls are crap to me my cfl seems to be doing its job the plants love it :D
  6. Please make sure you ramp up your heat management
  7. Hi guys I have a problem two days ago I dropped the hps on the plants , don't ask me how I managed to do that because I don't know myself :( I was there when it happened to I lifted it up after a second

    For the last two days they seem to be recovering but I'm worried about the tops because some of them are slightly burned.
    Any advice on what I should do?

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