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Need Advice - Do I Walk 3 Miles or Wait Until Tomorrow

Discussion in 'General' started by MrGoatington, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. So, typically my dealer comes to me but he's busy and says I can go to his house and pick it up if I wanted to... But it's at least 3 miles away, is 35 degrees outside and super windy.

    It's for a 1/4 and I've been dry for a few days now, would really like to have it and I hate waiting but it's a super long walk and it's super cold.

    What would you do in this situation? I imagine most people would wait until tomorrow but I'd really like to re-up now that I got the money.

    In one hand, if I do make the walk it just means I'll be celebrating pretty hard when I get back, in the other.. I wouldn't have to walk anywhere if I just waited until tomorrow.

    Need some advice.
  2. walk there now. get weed. smoke weed.
  3. 3 miles, in the cold, at night, definitely not worth it haha. I'd just find something to occupy my time until tomorrow. Thing is though, are you gonna be able to get it tomorrow for sure?
  4. Bike it if you got it
  5. bundle up and go! think of it as an adventure
  6. I'd just drive there, but that's just me :p
  7. Taxi? if you have extra money. I would just walk it, should only be 40 minutes or so each way, if you jog a lot less.
  8. no bike? no razor scooter? no roller skates? nothing?
  9. go there and smoke on your way back
  10. Screw it, I'm doing it. Wish me luck.
  11. GOOD luck !
  12. walk there but ask for a discount
  13. Atta boy! Trudge through the snow like our pioneer forefathers and show Mother Nature who's boss!

    Get baked and drink some hot chocolate to celebrate your triumphant return.
  14. No dont walk 3 miles to get weed thats silly.
  15. Only if you are picking up an Ounce. :hello:
  16. Can't you find a ride? "Come pick me up and I'll smoke you out 2 bowls" would get at least 3 people driving to my place. :laughing:
  17. I would've taken a bus
  18. u bak yet op?
  19. Post a picture of your pickup so we know what you walked six miles for

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