Need advice about trimming leaves on out door plants during flower

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    Hey all, can anyone give me some advice about trimming leaves off outdoor plants when they start to get in to flowering?

    Like, when to start and how many to cut off, etc...

    I hear most should be cut off when they start to bud. Last year I grew three plants, all were 10 foot monsters. I cut a few leaves but not many plants came out fine imo, but if there's a standard approach of like to know it.

    If anyone wants to follow grow the link is below. Growing crtical kush, critical cheese and Cherry bomb. Link:

    Critical kush, Cherry bomb and critical cheese outfdoor grow in VT

    Thanks all!
  2. Are you pressed for space? Ever see a farmer trim the corn?
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  3. Nope, plenty of room between plants, and nope, never seen corn trimmed.
  4. I wouldn't do any trimming to them. They look good. Why mess with them? Maybe when they get bigger snip some of the bottoms that are in the dirt?
  5. Right now plan is to cut some of those lower branches off, they won't do much.

    What I'm wondering is if I should cut a lot of leaves off when they start to flower.

    Other than cutting the lower branches off, I won't be doing any pruning during veg. Thx!
  6. Ahh No, I wouldn't do any pruning during flowering !
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  7. Do NOT trim any leaves off. I did this last year thinking that's what I'm supposed to do and it suspended the growth of the main calyx. The buds stopped growing. All those leaves are feeding the flowers, ensuring they keep developing and ripening. Everytime you cut a leaf off (unless it is damaged by PM, then definitely cut it off), the plant must recover from the shock. If there is one fuck up I did with my outdoor grow last year that I could point out to other people as an example of what NOT to do, it would be that. The plant will discard any leaves it no longer has use for without any help from you. This is one thing you really should listen to. Unless the leaf is diseased, leave it alone. You are going to reduce your harvest.
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  8. Awesome, thanks my Friend!
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