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  1. Hi Everybody Looking for some advice please.

    This year makes only my second outdoor attempt so I am still a newb at this; lemme go ahead and get that out there now heheh. I have a small garden with 6 plants in it (all less than 4ft tall currently) hidden stealthily behind other similarly-shaped veggies, but not so close that there's a nute struggle going on. I haven't seen any flowering action going on yet and my plants have been in the ground (started from seed in good soil) since end of April. My concern is the ole' street light problem. Near as I can tell after searching the forums, the crux seems to be amount of light and how close it is. In my case its a very bright HPS (orange glow) light that is well within 10 ft of my garden, on a pole about 15 feet in height. It's definitely brighter than the full moon. Everything had been progressing smoothly with the plants until about two weeks ago. I noticed that the plants' tops and top leaves seem to be turning/changing direction to face this cursed light! Its accompanied with some of those same fan leaves drying and turning crispy as if they'd been heated or burned but the lower area of all the plants are healthy. Is this light too close and will it stop my plants from showing sex at all?! It seems like someone 'Paused' the growth. Again perhaps its that its just too early and im being impatient but that's what brings me here is for some good advice from folks who know. I really appreciate any advice or ideas anybody might have on this.

    Pic is attached of garden area. To the right of the porch at the end of the house you'll see the huge tomato plants. The babies are up against the house behind that. Crappy angle I know. If you look at the Ford pickup and go to the left of the tail gate you'll see the light.

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  2. sure its a hps? it looks like a decoration light not a regular streetlight..could be colored glass with floodlight in it
  3. I've heard of street lights messing with plants and it makes sense, if that light even lights up near them plants its going to mess with them
  4. i had the same issue with a big streetlight,i had my concerns so i went and bought a big tarp and put stakes in the ground and covered the area!! But not to force flower just as a shade :)

  5. Thanks for the reply!
    It might be I'm not really sure I just know its very bright. Definitely an oversight haha Do you think its gonna stop them from flowering? Here's a pic at night

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  6. I thought about that but I don't think I can get away with it without arousing some curiousity. I really don't want to disable the light unless I'm forced to! ;)
  7. Man are you really growing 4 foot weed behind some tomato plants, up against the front of your house?

    You got bigger problems than a street light.

    Fuck it, I second the pellet gun.

  8. Yea that's pretty bright I would be freaked out to

  9. Nah they're only about 32" and they're in a patch of over about 12 mature tomato plants with vines everywhere. Trust me you can stand right next to it and stare and not make it out. Under the eave of the house so it can't be spotted from above and I live in close proximity to a smaller airport. Well that's two votes for the light's death!
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    IMO the pellet gun would draw attention. Chances are the lady next door will have a person change it. That person will see it was busted out with Pellet. He may notice your plants when he is up in the air changing the bulb and fixing the class you broke out.

    If he puts two and two together then what? Cops!

    I have had light effects my plants. They were sucurity lights though. I have pics to prove it.

    If I was you and would tell the people next door that thier light shines right into your bedroom window and is effecting your sleep. Asked them if you can black out the side glass of the lamp that faces your bedroom? Perhaps paint or cover that side some how. This way they still have the three sided light for thier property. If they let you cover that one side then everyone is happy with nothing broke and no cops.

    People must remember this when they say shoot out the street lamp. If the repair man comes he is now 40' above your grow!!

    When you cover that light make sure it will not melt or catch fire. When the light is on for a few hours feel it and see how warm it gets. Then decide best way to block out that one side. The style of lamp is perfect for this idea.

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    In my opinion, its hard to know if the light will hurt you. When we have a completely full moon, you may notice that you will cast a significant shadow on the ground just like sunshine, so it can be quite bright and not impact the plants negatively.

    I believe we're comming up on a full moon in the next week or so. Get out there and compare shadows. See what kind of shadow you cast with just full moon shine and then compare that to the shadow you cast from the street light.

    Cannabis can handle more light than you might think. Over the years ive seen nightime electrical storms in which lightening bolts litterally turned it daylight outdoors for a few seconds during the night and that happen time after time for a single storm. It doesnt hurt them.

    Good luck.
  12. Ok ur neighbors can't see them, but I'm pretty sure the tomatoes will finish before ur green, and your plants are going to stink once they begin flowering. Idk it seems like your to close to your neighbors for them not to see/smell ur babies.
  13. I had been thinking about this very same thing, that way everybody wins and nobody gets upset about the loss of the light. I think the neighbors like it for security reasons, they never have to use their porch light etc. I see the neghbor lady outside a lot I am going to see about bringin this up. Thanks man great idea! :hello:
  14. I totally see what you're saying but I think my neighbors are 'cool'. Middle aged couple with a grown kid whose been in some trouble off and on. They have parties all the time right next door drinking and playin loud music with a bunch of people over and we don't say anything. Definitely a worry I have though still. Especially if they start peeking out over the top of the garden, might have to train'em down a little. on the smell part that's the beauty of living less than an 1/8 mile from a water treatment plant, it always smells like sulfur or sewage lol

  15. The after shot. Seems to be going well so far, I am noticing some changes in the plants internodes hopefully they will show me something soon!

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  16. Man can we get some close up pics of the plants?
  17. I have and early girl this season that is about 3 weeks into flowering already. i guess this plant is fairly close to where you can see it at night with the big light pole light on. maybe im tripping but seems like my buds are doing better??? or they are just doing excellent. any muthafu how, last year it didnt bug my 6 foot bushs flowering. yours looks closer to your plants than mine, but mine is one of those big fucking bright ones on the tall light pole. its in the middle of my 5 acres.
  18. maybe double the distance yours is to your house......
  19. Here ya go Voo, I've been giving'em extra P lately because they look a little purple. What do you think? Sorry the pics aren't that great, a magnifying glass plus camera = crap pictures.

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