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  1. I'm growing in an ebb and flow system using the full "Grand Master" Advanced Nutrients feeding system. The only changes I've made is cutting the suggested dosages to about 70%. Whatever those guys test this stuff on must be the most powerful plant in history because at full strength your sure to burn the hell out of your plants. Anyway, I've had pretty nice results but I have no basis of comparison. Right now I'm growing Super Skunk (sativa/indica) and Hindu Kush (indica) both from Sensi Seeds. If anyone could share their experience with A.N. including feeding schedule, strain and yield that would be awesome but any input would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. i agree, the a.n. nute calculator is something, lol! they do make good nutes, but very overpriced. and, a lot of other companies make fine stuff too. i'd do what you're thinking. start out low, and work your way up. when you see your leaf tip starting to brown, back off a couple hundred ppm and you should be good.
  3. Yeah, that nutrient calculator that they have is crazy. The amount of nutes they recommend only serves one purpose....Selling more nutes. But they do make a great product once you realize their totally wacked with the levels. I've actual talked to some of the support guys at A.N. and the advised me not to follow that feeding chart. Also if you follow it exactly and start with near zero ppm ro water your ppm still comes put way higher than they list. I guess the think the real numbers will scare the hell out of growers.
  4. I've been using AN 3-part non perfect for a few grows and here is my current feed schedule.

    In veg 500 ppm or .8 ec up to 700 ppm, 50 ml of each for 12 gallon rez

    First week in flower 700 to 850 ppm ec of 1.0 to 1.2, 60ml grow, 50 micro, 50 bloom

    2nd to 5th week 850 ppm ec of 1.2, 75 ml of each

    6th week 700 ppm ec of 1.0 75ml of micro and bloom no grow

    7th –8 1/2th week 700 then lowering to 500 ppm 1.0 ec to .7 ec, 100ml bloom only

    only other thing in rez is drip clean 1ml per gallon, pro-tect 1ml per gallon and sm90

    tried ph perfect sensi bloom not overly impressed, it worked.
  5. full boar, just like the calculator says to do... no problems... I don't care if costs more, i want green plants and I want them now... I ran my system by the calculator just to see if it smoke my plants... nothing but awesomeness

    I hate math and wilted plants.... so follow the calculator if you have the extra cash laying around(apparently some people don't wanna spend five bucks on nutrients) I spent way more on buying than i ever spent on growing... to each his own
  6. Glad it's working for you, your garden looks awesome.:hello:

    But for me the ph perfect sensi + big bud + overdrive did not yield any more or better than my old formula. But I used the EC readings on AN's calc not the amounts listed.

    Going to coco for summer and give perfect a try again.

    Everyone's grow is a little different what works best for you may not work best for me.
  7. This is a misconception. If the recommended amount is bad for your plants, you'll grow crappy plants and never use their nutes again, right? So that doesn't sell more nutes.

    Look at it from their point of view. If you've bought some of their nutrients they have the money already. They don't care how FAST you use the nutes. They only care whether you buy MORE nutes. So if you're not happy enough to come back and buy more, they only get the one sale.

    Even if their motives are purely selfish, they still want you to grow awesome plants. Because only if your plants are awesome can they expect you to buy more of their nutes.

    They have to put up something in terms of numbers. All the companies put up big numbers, that's why it doesn't matter what brand you're talking about, all the veteran growers recommend starting out at half strength or less.

    My guess is the companies do this because all the other companies do it. If one company comes along and puts a lower feeding rate on their stuff people will look at the ppms and think "wow, this stuff is weaker than the others, they must water it down". And since most experienced growers automatically feed at a fraction of the listed rate, it's not a big problem to print higher feeding rates.

    Though with the pH Perfect stuff I've feed a couple different strains at full strength without any signs of burning. I don't know what they did to this formula, but I get the impression I would have to try to burn them with some crazy high ratio before I'd be able to.

    Not that I'm gonna try, but you get the idea.

    If your plants look great at 70%, awesome. Your nutes will go 30% farther that way.
  8. Nute usage is strain specific, however, it will closely relate to your wattage as well. Higher watts use more nutes.

    I don't believe the company hike the chart up either. Its a happy medium. There are some plants that grow crazy on a 2100 ppm's while others float between 800 & 1200. Now, you try and list a formula that is perfect for everyone. :/

  9. I agree with this, and this being the case, should they be posting a chart at all? So far their chart has been WAYYYY TO HOT for my girls, so I don't even bother with it anymore.
  10. [quote name='"Beachbound"']

    I agree with this, and this being the case, should they be posting a chart at all? So far their chart has been WAYYYY TO HOT for my girls, so I don't even bother with it anymore.[/quote]

    This is no different then Tylenol. For some the directions are dead on and others take less or maybe more. I am a medical prof. So I take med differently then lay ppl. However, with no med background you would start with the directions and figure out what works for you. Relate that to nutes. Its a guide.

  11. Yea, I see what you are saying, but Im not sure I am onboard with that one. There is a big difference between taking one aspirin or two, and advising a PPM that is gonna do nothing but BURN the crap out of "In my opinion" a good 75percent (or more) of the strains out there.

    I suppose its nice they put up the calculator, but I only know one person on this board that says they use it FULL Strength and dont burn. Maybe if more people said it works great then it might be worth having it, but one, maybe two who says it works, tells me it needs work.

  12. well i believe im the only one that is dumb enough to try full strength with clones(i should have specified that they were clones). I'd actually like to see more people try full strength just to see... the calculator does not say to start with less and in fact using the nutes in the amounts not specified on AN's website actually guarantees that the PH will not be perfect. I went out of my way to try to kill eight clones and had nothing but awesome growth... the nutes do not need work, years one way of doing things need to be re-thought.... at least accept the fact that AN's PH perfect might actually live up to some of the claims... its simple, give it a try and see what happens, report back
  13. Speed. Did you happen to take meter readings at your initial mix?

    I'm going to try another grow with perfect but AN's calc's suggested meter readings don't jive with the suggested amounts.

    My perfect sensi-grow bottle states 1 ml per liter for seedlings, 2 ml per for young plants and then to 4ml per.
  14. I used ph perfect sensi bloom a/b and the hobbiest bundle, 3 diffrent strains, and had diffrent results with each plant.
    Syrup from buddah seeds liked full dose at the start of flowering, but started to burn by week 4 or so, so I backed off to about 1/2 dose.
    White dwarf from buddah loved full power right thru till the last 2 weeks, where I backed off the nutes slowly for the flush.
    Quasar from buddah burned a bit @ full dose, about 3/4 dose is where she settled in.
    I grow in 5gal DWC buckets, (it was my first attempt @ growing) and was adding back about 2.75 or 3 gal of RO water over the course of 7days during peak growth, which in turn lowers ppm over the course of the week.
    When I noticed any burning on the leaf tips, I just adjusted it down by removing some nute solution, and adding back fresh RO water (ph perfect did a very good job of keeping ph in the 5.5-6.2 range.)
    For me, not having to worry about ph was awesome, I was able to focus in on the plants instead of playing with ph every day.
    That alone made the extra money I paid for the AN stuff worth it.
    And also, like tie said, I've spent way more buying over the years than what I will growing, that's for damn sure!
    I consider my first attempt only a partial sucsess, I basicly ruined one of the plants because of lack of space, and over pruning it to fit my area, but I still harvested about 4.5oz off the syrup, and about 2.5oz off the quasar(autoflower) which I also think I over defoliated in flowering, and maybe an oz off the white dwarf(autoflower) which I pretty much fucked with all thru the grow because of the lack of space.
    Right now I'm 2 weeks into running 2 super lemon haze seeds, and gonna start using jungle juice in the Lucas formula @ like 1/8th dose, with a touch of b52 and voodoo juice, and slowly work my way up over the next few weeks, then switch back over to the ph perfect stuff for flowering again.
    I'm thinking about doing a thread for this grow, but I'm

  15. I never said anything about anyone being dumb, quite the contrary.. Mine too are clones, I went 1/4 Strength of what is recommended on the bottle and got quite the Tip Burn. It also seemed to slow growth a bit and I had to remove about 4-5 gallons to dilute it down over a couple of days. 400ppm (.5) seems to be about as high as I can go right now.

    AN's calculator really only does the math for you based on Volume of water, and has you run full strength of M,G,B through the entire grow, as well as Full strength of any additives.

    According to their calculator, RIGHT NOW I should be at PPM 1036 (EC 2.59) YIKES!
  16. Have you stopped to think that maybe, especially the an line ph perfect, if you use the correct amount that the result will be great and that the lesser amounts may actually cause imbalances, thus the burn. It seems to me that they have the calculator for a reason. NOT using the correct amount may be the cause of your problems. I'd try the correct way before knocking it.
  17. Dude. I have ALWAYS wanted to use the Grand Master Growing Bundle. Haven't had the chance yet.

    What I would say is that I've sometimes used 25% less than what AN says to use, which seems to keep the results coming, with less chance of burn.

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