Need advice 2 back ones promix hp 2 front seedlings organic Gaia green soil

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  1. The big one in the back is gelato by crop king seeds the smaller one beside it is cbd diesel they are both 27 days old the smaller one was extremely stunted because I had shit for lights for the first 20 days so I focused the light I had mostly on the biggest one but now my parents bought me as a gift a stealth box it has a carbon filter with fans and a hlg quantum board so now I think they are doing great for lighting but I only have limited space so I need to no when to flower and advice on nutes I have general hydro micro grow bloom and calimagic and for the 2 organic seedlings I have the Gaia green soil, Gaia green power bloom and unsulphured molasses. Plz any help would be greatly appreciated. My parents are also sending me there grow tent with mars hydro reflecter series light and the carbon filter all that stuff so I’ll have a flower tent but for now I may have to use the stealth box the little plant that looks like it’s dying I don’t really care about. Cheers!

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  2. Oh yeah and I fimmed the big one 2 days ago and it has 3 shoots coming off it now

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