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Discussion in 'General' started by Lebowski, May 17, 2006.

  1. Umm, I wasn't talking about adderall XR I was talking about the other capsules, the ones I used to take. Which were easily split open. Not extendead realease
  2. orange sherbert?

  3. Lol, not quite.

    All I have left is 2 rails totalling ~6mg, im saving em for tomorow morning, cuz since i've been on adderall all day ill probably be feeling shitty tomorrow, and its a good thing I have a ball of dank resin.

    Also, does adderall mix well with caffeine? Im used to having an energy drink in the morning, but im scared ill get super twacked.
  4. Bumpity bump

    Please, tommorow im gonna want to know if caffeine + adderall is safe.
    If anyone knows anything, its much appreciated.
  5. I know I still drink coffee while under the effects of meth, I presume adderall would be the same.
  6. Yeah I dont feel as shitty as I expected, in fact, weed made me feel happy about mostly everything during my comedown, especially last night. Im gonna drink this coffee and rail my last 5mg later today.
    Thanks for everyones help, my experiment is over, twas fun.
    You can let this thread die...
  7. I took 60mg today and damn i feel so confident and easy to start a conversation and actually wanna meat people and learn about them and i just feel every task is so small compared to usual i love it . But i hate the comedown which shall be coming soon . damnit
  8. i snorted a 40mg XR before school one day and was jacked all day. they're pretty good.
  9. I take A LOT of adderall during exams and what not so you can say im experienced at is my .02

    Most forms of adderall(TR) are anywhere from 8-10 hrs so if u gotta sleep at 12am then plan on takin it at noon or 1pm. Not fimilar with XR?? Watch out if its not time release cause if its more than 20mg and you weigh less than 250lbs you might as well do a couple of lines of coke..

    Its better to compare adderall with cocaine, not caffine. Adderall, for me, has effects similar to coke (google the effects of coke..they are to long to list) BUT, its not as dangerous as coke so dont really worry. Although, if taken enuf you can become physically addicted to Adderall.

    The racing heart beat can sometimes not allow you to focus..if this happens, play a video game, take a walk (walk your dog), do something physical active but not strenous. If you just sit down and watch TV you'll continue to think about your racing heart problem. Gotta preoccupy your mind to get rid of that...atleast it works for me.

    Ecstacy and Adderall have completely different effects...not even comparable. Like I said, its like doing a line of coke really.

    Yes, you should be able to act normal on it unless your a newbie to it or you've taken more MGs then your body can handle. I usually just pop a 15mg (TR) and im fine. Sometimes if I take more or I just happen to have a bad reaction that day we usually refer to it as being "cracked out"..cuz you feel like you've kinda cracked..if that makes sense. You just feel all wirey, off the wall, heart racing, gotta do something with yourself kinda feeling... i usually do stupid shit like clean my room or walk my dog. If you just sit there and try to forget about it, its gets worse. You might get a headache..just drink water. You more than likely wont be hungry during your adderall adventure cause it suppreses your anyways, you'll get calories in your body.

    Hope this helps..feel free to PM me... peeeeace. Chuuch :smoking:
  10. How bad would snorting a 5mg Dexedrine pill be?


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