Need Adderall Advice

Discussion in 'General' started by Lebowski, May 17, 2006.

  1. its alot more like meth. And nothing like ecstasy i think you are wasting your time you should buy a better drug and having a racing heart is a issue but other than that i could say adderal is not a drug of choice to get high on

  2. Im not taking this to get high, I got a lot of flash animation to do, and ill have some fun :)
    And actually this IS meth, and its the closest thing ive ever done to ecstasy (ive never done straight meth).
  3. Im getting some wierd, and somewhat annoying physical effects now, sweaty palms, and I feel mostly hot, but every once in a while im overcome with a cold shiver and I get goosebumps.
  4. It's not meth at all. Amphetamines and Methamphetamines are 2 different chemicals. Similar effects, though.

  5. Ahhh, thank you, that was interesting. So its meth is basically amphetamine with an added CH3.
  6. Ok, although snorting shit feels dirty, it works WAY better than eating.
    I just snorted 5mg and I feel exactly like i did when I ate 20.
    Is there any chance that this is bad for my nose?
  7. absolutely, pills are way worse than coke for youre nose.

  8. Awww, that rained on my parade. I figure im gonna snort the 40mg i have left anyway, its not like I do this stuff often.
  9. Yeah but that talks about fillers, which adderall is a capsule.. so if he snorted it, he should have broken the capsule apart on the line and snorted the actual adderall.. which I hope he did, lol I couldnt imagine someone snorting a capsul.
  10. all encapsulated adderall are coated with the extended release formula. thats not great for your nose either.

    im not saying its gonna kill ya, just letting you know.

  11. The pill itself isnt coated, but the drug in encapsuled in plastic time dissolving balls.
    But thats beside the point, I dont have the time realease capsules, I just have the generic pills, all I noticed was there was a slight sweet coating on them, and they were fairly easy to crush up.
  12. yea those are salt pills, still not great to snort, but didnt the drip taste like kool-aid?
  13. WOOT! Exactly, I wouldnt say kool-aid, but it was definately sweet...

    I still got 20mg for tomorrow too, I hope friday wont be shitty after that.
    Ive comedown from what I did during today tho, and I dont feel that bad.
  14. No I was told that whats in the capsule is basically just pure adderall. The capsule is extremely easy to take apart.

  15. If youve ever looked at an adderall XR, you'dve noticed that the pill contains tons of tiny little orange balls, which each contain a smidget of adderall, they're designed to slowly dissolve to extend the duration of the effects.
  16. i promise you its not pure adderall. its coated.

    but kill whoever misinformed you.:p
  17. This page referred to xanax, not adderall. Think of it this way, OC 20's and OC 80's are the same size, correct? I don't think there is a single pill (perscrip) that is completely pure.

  18. It spoke of xanax, but the conclusion was that pill fillers are bad for your nose, any filler.
  19. Not everyone has established that yet. Im just trying to get everyone on the same page here.

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