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  1. Hey ladies what's your opinion on Jew fros? I have one do you find them attractive? Appalling? Or do girls just not care about a guy's hair? I have a pretty long Jew fro, kind of like the guys in my photos. I'm considering a haircut so obviously I want a womens opinion. More like the first guy but hair is lighter color.

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  2. some guys rock it, some guys don't. doesn't really bother me, but i do like longer hair because it gives me something to grab on to :)
  3. Looks damn good on Andy Samberg ;)

    I dig it.
  4. On Andy Samberg? Hell yeah. Other than that I agree with the person who said some guys rock it and some guys don't. It depends on your looks to see if the fro fits or not.
  5. I kinda find them sexy. Especially the slightly relaxed ones like on Shia Lebeouf. Not too long though.
  6. I like them. Just don't let it get too long or messy. I know a lot of guys that look a lot better with their "Jew-fros" cut short. When it's all long it hides your beautiful face :)
  7. This guy has a jewfro:

  8. nothing makes you look like a stoner more than a giant curly jew fro. it tells people "yes im jewish so im rich" and also tells people "yes im rich so i have weed/have weed so im rich".

    idk i have dated a few fros, nothing wrong with it.

    jog on.
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    Basically yes! people thought I smoked weed before I smoked weed, and thanks everyone I'm thinking that a trim would fit best thanks.

  10. bahahaha yes.

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