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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Heineken420, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. first of all I thought this was ABSOLUTE beginners and you guys are talking about growing? haha, anyway i know this is stupid as hell but i cannot roll a blunt. ive been smoking with a friend for the past like year heavy and he buys off someone who rolls it for him??? so he buys like 5 dutches full of two grams of purplehaze and we smoke it all day. we both have a good amount of money so we are able to do this

    anyway i want to learn how to roll, but before i learn how to roll and before i have people start telling me how to do it, u have to realize i just turned 18 and i am dumb as hell when it comes to this kind of stuff. first, i dont even know how to break up marijuana. i dont know the first thing about marijuana. im gonna need a step by step drive through on how to do that. second i dont know anything about cigars my family is far from smokers and when you guys use cigar terms i have no idea what you are talking about like the tar or the strip of a cigar or any of that. i am horrible. and last i want to know how to roll a "joint" which i guess is rolling papers i can get at the local seven eleven? i hear it is easier to roll than a blunt so if i should start with that fine.

    guys im horrible, i mean im probably the worst youve ever seen im the biggest noob on the earth. i really really would be happy if you guys would help me with this. please make the directions as easy as possible because i am really bad with them. one day, which will probably be 30 years from cuz i suck that much, i want to be able to grow. i love marijuana i mean being high is the best thing ever nothing beats it. if i could roll i would not only enjoy smoking more but i would feel a whole lot better about myself. joint, blunt, whatever is the easiest. please please help i would be very very grateful. thank you guys
  2. damn man you need to calm down, im sorry i cant teach you how to roll a joint through the damn computer, no need to tell me your going to kill me...
  3. i tried IMing designated to get a step by step process but instead he didnt give me any help but instead repeatedly called me a moron. Obviously you need to stop smoking because it seems like you can't handle it.

    if this is not the right forum tell me because i will post this somewhere else. i have searched and searched but cannot learn because i am that bad with directions. i am counting on u guys grasscity to help me. thanks

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