need a way to keep seeds safe

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  1. Whats the best way to store seed for later. I just got my package of seeds in and i need a really good way to store them for later as im only gonna be using one for my first grow

  2. Hey man, my last grow was with 30 year old seeds!

    They were in my basement in a pill bottle for that long, and grew just fine.
  3. Man that is ridiculous and awesome all at the same time. Never would have thought that. I guess cold dark place basically is the best place to store them

  4. Not freezing, but cool yeah.

    I actually read somewhere that cannabis seeds, even exposed to open air, can survive for over 50 years.

    Not sure if it's true, but I wouldn't doubt it. Mother nature is awesome that way.
  5. This is very true well thanks for the help man look back on here ill post some pics of the sweet cheese i have getting started
  6. I would use a rottwieler. Personally, I find that a large dog, and some small arms laying around in interconnecting fields of fire is best, but with all these school shootings and anti gun talk maybe just the dog would be best for seed safety.
  7. i bag seeds up with silica gel, then put the bags in an air tight container, and then store in the refrigerator
    iv had seeds for 10 years and still germinating just fine

  8. Sounds good ive heard alot of people talk about doing that the same way you do
  9. Holy shit that's a lot of seeds haha

  10. haha yeah, 50 per bag. i used to do a lot of breeding
  11. Lol thats sick

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