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    First off, this is not a direct hook up request. Only needing tips on how to find someone. So, I can't drive and we live in the middle of nowhere. I'm not very social, my parents are pretty strict and don't let me go places since they found out I smoke. I used to have easy access to weed because my friends always had it and would invite me. I haven't asked to go anywhere with friends because they told me they would drug test me when I got back. So since I don't go anywhere, I'm not connected to very many friends and the ones I am connected to have screwed me over and taken my money claiming they got stuck which is obviously bs. I've lost a lot of money because I trust people too much and there's always a 'middle man'. I'm not high up in the game and I very rarely actually get bud. My question is, how do I find the right person to get my bud from that won't screw me over?
  2. Just go to the mall and talk to some young people. Best bet a black guy.. make sure you ask if he delivers

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  3. I would say just listen to your parents and not smoke until you move out. Is getting high a few times really worth all the stress and strain on your relationship with your parents? Besides, every time you get high you're going to be paranoid as shit about getting caught so it probably wouldn't even be enjoyable. If they go to such great lengths as to drug test you when you go out I wouldn't want to think about the punishment for being found out about lying to them and continue smoking. Just wait till you're of age and have your own place.
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  4. Definetly recommend "persuasively asking" your "friends" for your money back if they are robbing you they ain't your friends and my opinion in getting robbed is if it's not worth losing your life over don't take it from me
  5. I have no problem smoking by myself, even in my own house. I just have a hard time obtaining it. Feel like a little bitch every time I get stuck by my 'friends'.
  6. And I don't feel like killing somebody over some pot, my dude haha. or a little money
  7. Again, so long as you live under your parents roof and its this hard for you to obtain I would say not to bother, and wait until you have a place of your own. If you must smoke, go the old fashioned way and ask around. You may not like it but you will have to stereotype people. You could also try location based forum apps like meet me or whisper, but I wouldn't be surprised if no one in your area uses them, and id be astounded if you find a plug in your area on them. Doesn't really work for the whole "middle of nowhere" thing.
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  8. Curcumstances seem like you wont be smoking pot untill you live on your own in a more populated area.
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  9. Well, thanks for the comments dudes.
  10. A lot of advice would depend on your age, how old are you?
  11. You probably won't like this answer, but honestly the best thing to do is it wait till you move out if you're parents are that much of an issue. Better not to risk it man. And about your friends, I totally understand that, we've all been there and gotten screwed over by a buddy. All I can say is to just be patient and the bud will come to you like a paperboy on a Sunday morning. Stay dope man, you'll get that weed!:smiley-rolling-joint:
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