Need a walkthrough with cloning in soil

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  1. These mighty grapes are already flowering but I cut a couple smaller branches and dipped then in clonex solution and stuck the stems down up the the buds. They were about 10 to 12 inches in total. I really want to make a mother of these for my indoor. I have some clonex nutrients should I water then with some now or just give them straight water? I really want to keep these and I've failed cloning couple other times but have never tried in soil yet. 20190819_115241.jpg

    EDIT: Should I cut all the buds off around the leaves?
  2. The best cuts come from still veg stage plants.

    Lowest branch.
    All you really need is 3 inch of stem and a thumbs worth of the connected fan leaf.
    Dipped in rooting gel and set in rock wool 1 inch cubes.
    The plastic trays hold the cubes up out of the water so I can flood the tray base.


    Very hot and low humidity here and this was how I finally started getting viable clones. Anything bigger just faded and died on me.
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  3. I swear someone else told me to try for the larger branches (not the largest) but I'm getting those rockwool cubes today actually and I have some of those black trays. You think I should cut them down dip them back in gel and and into the rockwool cubes? I know it's better to do it in veg but I really need this plant for my indoor it's really small and growing fast with nicest buds out of 25 plants so I really want to make clone mother.
  4. Are you cutting them specifically down to 2 shoots and cloning them? Does that make a difference how many shoots it has? I always aimed for more.
  5. Normaly you would want to clone in a humidity dome under very soft light using rockwool or rooting plugs, just sticking them in soil like that in the sun they most likely wont make it but since they are already there:
    1. take them out of the sun and put in the shade
    2. cover them with a big cup or container to create a humidity dome
    3. make sure the soil is moist, yours looks bone dry.
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  6. Also you can search youtube there are dozens of tutorials on how to clone cannabis.
  7. I've looked around I have brown thumb and nothing ever works for me idk why. Someone on a fb group cloned in soil but you never run across the same people to often the groups way to large. I did add a bit of water to the soil near the stem. Are you saying these are going to die as well and I'm just wasting my time? The hydro cloner didnt work well for me idk I really suck at this for now.
  8. Have you tried an aeroponic cloner? those are pretty much fool proof and you can even build one yourself.
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  9. Literally tried 3 times with one nothing fucking grows for me I dont get it
  10. I say keep trying. Maybe even start a thread and document how you do it so we can follow and maybe spot if you are doing something wrong. I had a spell over a couple of years where I was failing lots of clones, I thought I was doing everything right but turns out I was keeping me rooting medium way too saturated with water which caused my clones to die from dhamping off but it took me two years to make the connection that it was too moist in the cube.
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  11. That's what I was trying to with this. So my best bet throw plastic dome over it keep it humid and hot with lots of light. Any other tips? I'll document each day.
  12. I soak kelp meal for a hour in a gallon of water add a tablespoon of ful power, half a teaspoon silica and a 1\4 cup of aloe juice, fill a cup with this an soak my cuttings for at least a hour, then I soak rapid rooter type starters in the rest of the liquid, when the cuttings are done soaking I take a fresh aloe leaf and cover the last inch of the cuttings with the aloe gel and stick them into the rooters, I then put them under a dome, misting the inside of the dome, placed in the corner of the veg room, they will be ready in 2 weeks give or take 80% to 100 % success rate.
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  13. Is that what I'm missing here I have to let the stem soak in some cloning solution for a while? I let them sit in the clonex a few minutes before putting them in the dirt. Anyways are these goners? I was at store when @Sc00byD00bie told me move them in shade just got back and put them inside with bag over them to try and retain moisture. Any thoughts? They definitely look thirsty they were left out for hour or 2. 20190819_161644.jpg 20190819_161639.jpg 20190819_161655.jpg 20190819_161648.jpg
  14. Oh these are actully from a flowering plant, you have a better chance sticking them in a glass of water and changing the water daily. Cuts from a flowering plant are much harder and take longer to root.
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  15. For cloning directly to soil, use seed starter for the soil in 4" square pots. Dip the stem in aloe leaf gel. Poke a hole in the moistened soil and insert stem. Place in shade or soft light.
    I would cut off way more material and just leave a small amount of leaf material, when using cuts from flowering plant (its way harder than veg plant, as has been already mentioned). Expect at least 2 weeks for it too grow root hairs, and don't give up when it looks almost dead after a day or 2. Humidity dome a must.
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  16. Damn I just ordered some aloe from buildasoil. I know I've heard it mentioned several other times before as well but it's expensive.
  17. I simply cut my clone at a 45* angle, then I take a razor blade and scrape the stem about 1/4 inch up. Dip in rooting hormone powder and pop into moist jiffy seedling starter mix. Place under a cfl and I've yet to lose a clone. Very, very easy.

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  18. So everyone says.. I ordered a humidity dome and tray going to use rockwool and dip them in some aloe powder and hope I finally get the hang of it
  19. Well it really is that simple. Idk maybe depends on where u live and the local environment you have. I live in South always humid and warm and that plays in my favor but also is against me when I cure.

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  20. I'm in Ohio and it's always humid I hate it.

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