Need a vape for stealthy indoor vaping

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  1. I want to smoke indoors but since i live with my parents and theybare strongly against weed, i cant. I have looked into some vapes like pax by ploom and davinci. They look pretty good and at a low temp iv heard that it doesnt smell much.

    My question is, what vapes are the best for no smell. I like portable vapes more because i can hide them easier and take them where i want.

    Any vaping insight or help with my problem?

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    Well the Pax is a great vape but it's conduction if I am not mistaken rather than convection which people seem to be more sold on. Besides that you have the Arizer Solo which is pretty big for a portable and the draw tube feels quite restricting. There are of course many others...

    As for the smell problem, not trying to be a bad influence but an activated carbon sploof plus an open window would do the trick, lets just say I was rule bending awhile back.
  3. I was looking into activated carbon filter. I see that it is possible to be activated carbon rocks at petsmart. Are these the same activated carbon rocks that you are talking about?

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  4. If you get the carbon from the pet store you might have to rinse it through first and for a few times also.  That take some time and in the end next time ill just buy a can filter from a hydro shop...
      And look into a Solo for a vape also
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  6. Arizer Solo, and yes the activated carbon you found in PetSmart is the right activated carbon. Wash them to activate them like Mikey said, and crush them up and put it in a drier sheet sploof and your set :D
    Arizer Solo because it uses some convection to heat the herbs more efficiently than conduction units and it has a long battery life. You can get it for $160 here or here (the second one's promo code is SOLOHQ160). 
  7. a mflb is a good choice to just casually walk in your room , steal a couple tokes and walk out. I do it with my window open and have it in a glass mason jar to keep the smell in.

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