Need a timer for 1000w HPS

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by holiwood420, May 21, 2010.

  1. bought a 1000w argostar hps with a switchable ballast but only have the cord for the 120v. i'm looking for a good timer that won't burn up, or fail. i have 120v ran into the room which is on a 15a breaker. i can jump off the dryer line, or another part of the house that's on a 20a circuit. i'm not sure what i should buy and was wondering if some one could point me a to few, or recommend 1. preferably less than $50 if possible. thanks
  2. you can most likely put a larger breaker in the panel like a 20A but remember ohms law I=amps R=resistance in ohms E= volts I= E over R or R=E over I and E=I times R. and you should dedicate one circuit for the 1000W light good luck
  3. the house only has 1 15a circuit. everything else is 20a. right now everything i'm running is on the 15a line. at present, with the cfl's, it's only pulling about 7-8 amps at a given time with 2 fans and the lights. the 15a circuit also runs the washing machine, so i was already planning on switching the outlet to another reletively unused circuit (a 20a one). i can't add another breaker to the box, it's full and the house is a rental. i just need a timer that won't melt down on me during a cycle and isn't an ass load of $.

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