Need a tattoo drawn up

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  1. Hey guys, if someone could draw me this I would sincerely appreciate it, "Onne passe pas" in some kick ass lettering, it's french for none shall pass and I want it on my left pec.
  2. Just for the record, your best bet when it comes to a custom tattoo is to find a good custom artist and have him/her draw it up for you.

    A good tattoo artist will be able to take into consideration where you want the tattoo, and draw up something that will flow well with your body in that area.

    Not to mention they'll be tattooing their own work instead of someone else's. Which I imagine might be easier/better. :smoking:
  3. Well yeah, I'm just looking for some inspiration here though, this wouldn't be what I base it on. (Most likely.)
  4. If I can find a pencil I'd be more than happy to oblige, but those things are rare in my house -_-
  5. Dude if you would I would be soooooo grateful.
  6. Starting it now:)
  7. there are a billon cool fonts online or even in your word processor. type it out

    type it in there on whatever font your heart desires. most shops will have a book of fonts also that you can choose from. lettering isnt something that is usually very difficult for a tat artist to draw up anyways
  9. Yeah I need a tattoo drawn up too

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