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  1. Anyone know some good bands or songs that aren't rap or full out techno? I'm into raggae, metal (not really for the base though) alternative, that kinda stuff. I despise most pop and (god forbid) country:mad:. Anyone have some to share?
  2. No one can think of anything? I've been looking myself and I just can't find anything...
  3. if you can name some bands or songs you do like, I could offer some suggestions. The Easy Star All-Stars are a fun reggae band who do mostly covers (Dub Side Of The Moon, Radiodread, Lonely Hearts Dub Band). Some of my favorite alternativeish bands include Dinosaur Jr., The Afghan Whigs, Sunny Day Real Estate, Superchunk, etc. But those are all mostly from the 90s. I'm not really into contemporary "alternative". The only metal bands I like are Tool, but that's prog-metal, and Sunn O))), and that's drone-metal.
  4. I don't get how I forgot to say that, I love tool too actually, Radiohead's kickass aswell, I'm just looking for something with some kickass bass that isn't rap or full techno...

    I feel stupid wondering why I didn't have responses when I didn't even mention the main point of my request...
  5. lots of bass, I would suggest some Dubstep; like Heyoka, Rusko, Benga, Caspa, Scream, etc. Florida breaks have good bass too, like DJ Icey or Baby Anne (it's been a while since I've looked into breaks). If you're not against anything fast, drum&bass can have great bass; like DJ Dara, Dieselboy, Andy C, Black Sun Empire, John B (he's electro style d&b), also High Contrast and London Elektricity are more chill "liquid funk" (as it's referred to).

    Your profile pic is from an Incubus album, right? I dunno, but another good source of bass is funk metal, like early Red Hot Chili Peppers ('84-'90ish) or Primus or early Incubus.

    I'm a DJ and you can find some great bass in my latest mix :D
    The Architech - Towards A New Sound

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