Need a strain for focus during the work day

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by njww627, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. Illinois medical dispensary, I believe it was Cresco who grew it but don’t quote me. Also, I don’t believe Maui wowie is a landrace, but a hybrid strain no? I wouldn’t know though, sorry dude. I haven’t seen it around anymore which is a shame.
  2. It’s here in Oregon about 3x a year in shatter form for about $45-65. I always make sure to pick up 3-4 grams because I know it’s not coming around for awhile. It was my favorite strain in the 90s.
  3. Used to love Maui but that was in my younger clear headed days. Now that life & business is of primary & dominant thought, those sativas are rough. Paranoia central for me. Heart palpitations & all. I prefer a hybrid in the day.

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  4. Dutch passion ultimate is my favourite day time smoke. Kinda lemon hazy-ish. Nice light stone that keeps you perky.

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  5. Correct - it was brought to the islands and did not originate there at all.

    The story goes that the BOEL brought a load of Mexican Sativa to the islands, it was so good they planted crops with the seeds and that’s how it all started - although it’s only ever been a word of mouth thing and is pretty foggy.

    Here - Maui

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  6. Anyone think Durban Poison would would fit the bill for daytime clarity while getting things done that need focus and follow through? Haven't tried it myself but GSC came from it is my understanding and i like the lift GSC & Monster Cookies give before the Indica takes over...
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  7. Bubblicious is what you want to grow. Flower it early cause it over doubles in size, with large fat buds.
    It will make your lazy ass get up and do those projects you have put off for a while and if you smoke half a J, you will giggle like a 10 yr old school girl
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  8. Absotively.

    Durban Poison Cannabis Strain Information

  9. Picked up a gram of Durban Poison to sample... so far so good... vaping it produced nice focus and clarity... interesting effect was i was busy doing things but not aware of thinking about them or mind wandering off... just 100% pure focus as i observed things getting done... nothing complicated, just routine tasks but effortlessly...

    Then either the THC was depleted or i wasn't toking enough and it sort of lost it's punch..
    So tonight put the already vaped into a combustion pen and BOOM! Nice body sensations ... Liking it much for now...
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