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Need A Spot To Hide Mini Bong

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by amaz1nk, Jun 20, 2013.

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    i went to a smoke shop in chinatown and i fell in love with a mini bong with a showerhead downstem and a dome. I am going to buy it and i need a hiding spot cause i still live with my parents. The bong is only about 10 - 12 inches. Should i put it in my pc? if so should i wrap it ? 

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    Good job :)
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    Inside your pc is a good idea.
  4. #4 Dutchmaster27, Jun 20, 2013
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    Your scenario sounds very similar to mine when I was 18 I went to a smoke shop with my brother and bought a mini True Glass bong, it had a 4 arm perculator in the middle, a diffuser down stem, and an ice catcher. I still have tht same bong today, what I did is I took a crappy pair of tube socks tht I wouldn't wear and put one sock on each end of the bong. Then I wrapped the bowl in plastic wrap and tin foil and put both pieces in a North Face string bag. When you're thinking of a hiding spot, put into consideration tht it is almost impossible to completely get rid of the bong smell. It'll be even worse after you smoke it a couple times do to the resin and rancid bong water, so make sure you clean it regularly.
  5. Great
  6. Wrap it up in a sweater and bury it deep inside your drawer. Be aware of your mother going through your shit
    Lol, i'm not going to report him, smoking weed and reading post is my only job around here.
  8. thanks for the idea of wrapping the bong in a tube sock. i think ima do that and put it inside my pc
  9. won't putting it in a pc make it a bitch to take it out every time you're gonna use it? If you're gonna be using it all the time, which you'll probably want to after hitting it once ;) you'll wanna have it on hand I figure. But I guess if you have the type of parents that snoop around too much you don't really have much of an option...
  10. lately they haven't been snooping around since they seen my good grades, but i dont want to take the risk
  11. If you ever don't have to be too careful about hiding it, the best place ever to keep a bong is in a mini fridge. The cold glass of the bong keeps the water even colder than usual and it just hits perfect. 
  12. When I'm home, everything goes inside my boxspring, then usually migrates to a case i made for all my pieces, inside a bag, inside a bag. thats hanging behind some clothes haha. But if im out of weed and wont be stealth toking, it goes under the bed. "I dont use a frame for my bed, just a boxspring and a mattress, (easier to fall into my bed when i use to get drunk). No one snooping under my bed looking for anything. 
  13. I know, I said great cause he changed it
    =o Nice, didn't notice it >.<

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