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Need a Spoon, where should I go?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nate256, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. So I live in a town, and in this town, there is no place to get spoons/pipes/bongs. Only rolling paper, and I do not always wanna roll. But still I enjoy it!

    I have been smoking for quite some time now, and I sick of using crappy home made bongs and pipes.
    Where is a good online store to buy such items, that is reliable and fairly priced? The other thing is, still live with my parents and will till the fall when I start college :hello:

    But till than im here with them... so anyway which online stores meet the above criteria AND have "stealth" shipping, AND do not require a signature upon arrival as my parents will be very curious to why they need to sign for a package that has my name, and open it.

    So you get the drift, needs to be safe, secure, and blank box and no signature or at the very least nothing like age checking cause that may led them to opening it.

    IDK if this is aloud here but also if someone wants to sell me one, if that breaks the rules sorry.

    *P.S.* Does the GC store meet the above criteria????

  2. Ya the GC store meets the above critera... As long as your above 18 :)
  3. yeah i'd just use GC.
    they have some sick pieces.
  4. Yeah i'd just order onloine dude
  5. you live in PA, isnt a very big state, so you shouldnt be that far away from a decent size city, just go buy one from philly or somethin
  6. Yeh I was thinking about trucking down to Philly with some friends but I was like naahhh

    So i ordered from here and sent it to my bros house, his mom is cool wit him smoking so thats easiest. IDK if my parents would would let me just randomly go to philly one weekend.

    No more home made crap!!!! :)

    thanks guys and gals!
  7. Why, Grasscity my good man :D

    Ha, but if you don't feel like ordering one just go to a nice headshop.
  8. i did order from GC!!!!!

    The only thing I can get close is rolling paper, and i dont wanna go any place too far.

    Its all good!!!!

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