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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Mushie, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Would anyone be willing to help me out?? I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. I would prefer it to have a happy/trippy/mushroom theme to it with my name somewhere on it. The rest is up to you as you are the artist! :D
  3. try google, theres probably site that let you design your own through the site
  4. ill try, im not very good with that kind of stuff though.
  5. I can make you one later if I have time. I'm heading to a friends here pretty soon so I don't have time to do it now.

  6. sure id appreciate that:D no rush whenever you have the time, ty
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    like this? if not, then I can make a more realistic one.
  8. whatever you inner artist tells you ;). but that looks fine to me :D how do i get it into my sig?? haha sry im shroomin now which makes it sorta harder
  9. you like it? cool:) Im gona make another one for you so you can see which one you like better.

    Happy Shroomin!:D
  10. thanks!:D yeh my shrooms startin to come down... i didnt dose too high just got back from a looooong walk haha
  11. ok here we go

    light version

    darker version

    this is just straight up shrooms ( i was practicing with my c4d effects, i know its crap )

    sorry it took so long, but it's just that it's so hard to render shrooms. I had to render it on my own! Also I didn't blend the panda in with the background to well (sorry im still a begginer)

    So yea if you want, I can make more if you dont like these its no problem with me. I enjoy making sigs :)
  12. i also made this one ( random lolz)

  13. these are all so great, so why not have them all :D
  14. i like the shrooms one! too bad i cant have all three, if it isnt too much to ask could you try a alice in wonderland theme like the cat and the madhatter with some mushrooms and have it say psilocybin enlightenment.

    if you dont feel like im perfectly fine with this one!
  15. No problem Mushie, like I said before I really enjoy making sigs :)

    I'll start on it now!
  16. got em done

    couldnt fit what you wanted on this one because it wouldnt look good sooooo

    this one right here could fit ( might not look all that good though)

    anything wrong, just tell me :)

    this started out as one of yours but it turned in to halo?

  17. had one more but I cant find it.
  18. Hey guys, I would be looking for a cool sig with

    1-My name in it: PlanKtoN
    2-some weed of course :p
    3-and if you have enough place mush and lsd's blotters :p

    anyway it would be very appreciated and just use your imagination i guess? :p I mean your the artist ^^
  19. Here ya go!
    Click it to make it bigger

    I hope you like it. Let me know if you want anything changed

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  20. I also need a sig bad
    All I want is the CT state
    Some bud related things
    And it to look cool
    With my name

    Will grive Rep

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