Need a session friend? NJ

Discussion in 'General' started by dmcalways, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Hey I just moved out to new jersey n I need to find some other 420ers. Drop a line!! Remember if everyone puffs maybe we can close the hole in the ozone with resin :hello:
  2. Where in NJ did you move to? Hopefully the's the perfect time to be there!!
  3. It stinks having no friends in a new place to smoke with, but watch out for strangers ;) :bongin:
  4. I moved to E. Windsor if you know where that is.. Its like 20 minutes from the ocean, right by hightston.
  5. heh can chill in PA near nj.. if u wanna ;p but ur drvin since im still carless

  6. I'm in Monroe Township
  7. That's the best quote I've ever heard. If I knew how to give out'd get some :p
  8. Hit the little scale on the top right of the dark bar around his post.
  9. <
    my name speaks for itself lol
  10. Essex County, but during the summer I go to Seaside almost every weekend.
  11. BENNY!! :p
  12. morris county here
    def need to meet some new people around here
  13. Mercer county here man, hamilton to be specific, would love to smoke with whoever, none of my friends do.
  14. I live in monmouth county (right by the water), if ur anywhere close drop me a line man... i blaze all day everyday.
  15. I used to live in Essex County by Clifton, I'm over in Hunterdon County now.
  16. I'd be down as well, but all three of my pedler's are dry. Heard from a pretty reliable source that man has turned up the heat over the last three months by trying to clean up Newark & Staten Island. Which is where most of sticky icky in the area comes from.

    Anybody else having the same problem?
  17. yeah, my guys stopped sellin for a while because of the po po and now i just have to grab weight when it's around and horde, heh. Kinda sucks, but yeah... i dunno
  18. i dont live there, lol but if i did you bet your ass i would smoke u up!l ol
  19. Can anyone spare a cup of weed? =P

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