need a save seed bank that can deliver to Tennessee

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  1. Ok I'm a beginner growwer from tn an I want some bomb ass weed but I'm scared cause I dnt want to get caught so any ideas
  2. Search...
  3. Yes I'm searching do u have any idea
  4. Attitude Seeds is reputable and discrete. They are in the UK but ship anywhere (yes, that includes TN).
  5. No you didnt or youd find your answer easy
  6. Clearly, you're not.
  7. R those save bc I kn several that'll ship here I just dnt want the police behind them
  8. Dude go to the thread he sent you amd read it and all your questions will be answered. If you are going to grow you need to.learn to do some research . People here arent going to be growing the plants for you also?
  9. Ok take ur negativity else where an I am reading ot before ur a dick why not explain how to use this site
  10. You're over thinkin it. If anything happens, customs will just take the seeds and send you a letter saying they took them.

    And like the other guy said, do your own research or really TRY at least. Otherwise you'll probably get a lot of shit from the city for being a noob who can't try and find information.

    Good luck with your order man.
    Herbie's and attitude are two places I've ordered from so far and no cops yet haha.
  11. I found out how to search it but I searched it an I'm reading the threads trying yo find the right one bc when I click it it remakes me to the home page
  12. find the thread The Attitude Seed Bank Reviews read at lest a few pages then goto The Attitude Seed Bank and order they ship to any place in the us if customs takes them you get a letter nothing more to find the part of the fourm i linked goto the home page and scroll down past tokers q&a past general all the way to the bottom the click cannabis seed banks for any other information on growing 99.99999999% of the time you can find what you are looking for in one of the mj cultivation sections i recommend the beginner section and i would only buy a few seeds
  13. Ok let me scroll back up lol an an that's my plan I'm start wit twenty reg seeds an 5 good thanks y'all

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