Need a romantic date idea.

Discussion in 'General' started by mo578135, Nov 19, 2011.

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    Im good now lol
  2. Grab a bottle of champagne/wine and some microwave dinner. But throw it in a pan instead of a microwave so it looks like you cooked it.

  3. I should have mentioned she does not drink or smoke.
  4. where do you live?
  5. Nashville
  6. What does being a college student have to do with being broke? Get a job and take her out to a nice restaurant! Don't be cheap dude!

  7. I have money I just dont want to spend it all lol
  8. Every city has some wonderful little restaurants that turn out to be not terribly expensive... where I live in melbourne there are hundreds of sweet little places you can have a good meal for two at for less than 40 bucks australian... Browse around 'budget eating nashville' or something, should turn up something nice... :p

    And good luck my man, hope it all goes well for you and the girlie :) :)
  9. living social dot com nigguh
  10. If you live in Nashville then it should be real easy.
    If she likes music find a group or a singer that she might like and have them dedicate a song to her from you. Or if you wanna continue being a cheap-skate make her dinner at home and eat her out afterwards...nothing more romantic than putting your tongue on her lol
    whatever you decide to do, good luck homie
  11. it aint a date w/o flunitrazepam

  12. LEAVE HER ..NOW Don't walk RUN,

    soon she will attempt to twist you to her sordid and boring


  13. romantic=spending all your money
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    [quote name='"mo578135"']Im sooo screwed. I have to come up with a romantic date for my girlfriend by Sunday. I was gonna just play it safe with a picnic at the park but its gonna be cold and its going to rain. Help me!!! Anyone have any ideas? I cant think of anything right now. Im gonna get pretty baked later so I might think of something, but just in case I dont please give me some ideas. O and Im a college student so no ideas that are gonna break the bank.[/quote]

    Do your picnic inside instead!
    Put a blanket on the floor.Set up some candles and flowers and some food. I don't know if you can cook, but if you can do it. If not cook something easy shell think its cute even if its sandwhichs(I would lol..).. have it all laid out for her cover her eyes and then show her your cute little set up. Have some romantic music playing.
    Edit:Shouldn't bust the bank and I know I love diy things, because it shows a guy really took his time.
  15. Fire, exersism and rape.
  16. Romantic date idea: bring her out of a city to where there are few lights, make chocolate strawberrys and some wine and go star watching, also blankets pillows etc. maybe laptop and a movie just in case the stars aren't out or you get bored

  17. Sacrafice and FIRE.
  18. I'm going on a first date with a girl on Sunday man! I'm taking her to the driving range! Who says you can't have fun on a date? You should probably do the same too brother, it's pretty cheap too! You'll also be able to talk to her the entire time, unlike a movie.
  19. This is very imformitve [ame=]MST3k - What to do on a date - YouTube[/ame]
  20. Lol its fine. She said we push the date back because of the weather. Now I can BLAZE with a clear mind.

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