Need a Reputable Seed Bank to order to US

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  1. Anyone let me know a few good seed banks to order from? I'm in the Northeast USA. I have heard Gorillabank and Cali Seed Vault but don't know anything about either. Please help. Need to order seeds like yesterday. Thanks in advance all!!

  2. I've ordered from, and had good experiences with:

    Female Seeds Company
    The Vault
    Chu Majek

    Tons of people order from all the big banks like Gorilla and Nirvana. They're fine.
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  3. Thanks guy!

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  4. These are all legit US seed banks.
    Seed Vault Of California
    Great Lakes Genetics
    Greenline Organics
    James Bean CO
    Oregon Green Seeds
    Connoisseur Seed Bank
    Neptune Seed Bank
    Southern Oregon Seeds
    Oregon Elite Seeds
    Illuminati Seeds
    Heady Gardens
    Seeds R Us
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  5. I've got tons of seeds from thedankteam, rockymountainseedbank, and holistic nursery...what you looking for?
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  6. The single seed center.I have been using them for years and never been disapointed.Lost order once they replaced no questions asked.
  7. @greendiamond9 what would ur top 3 be in the list of US seed banks?

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  9. I love Herbies they are great dudes they ship fast and they make sure it gets to you

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  10. Ordered from the dank team haven't had any problems yet got some good freebies too.

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    I cannot say enough about Nirvana Seed in Amsterdam. US credit card works and the stealth shipping is remarkable. got my seeds in about 7 days and they all germinated. You gotta at least check out their catalog.

  12. I don't have problems with herbies and fast
  13. green line seed bank is shit

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