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  1. First off, I am not trying to become an expert grower or anything, I'm just trying to grow a few regular mid-grade Marijuana plants outdoors and all I need is an experienced Marijuana grower to answer a couple of questions I still have concering the Germinating and Vegetative Stage, even after all the research I did.

    Question 1: Germinating Stage: Ok, so I am germinating my Marijuana Seeds using the paper towel method and I know that once I start to see them sprouting (white root coming out of seed) that I should transfer then to a pot, but I am not sure whether I should transfer them to a permanent 1 gallon pot or if I should put them in a small pot.

    Question 2: Germinating Stage: Like I said before, I just want regular mid-graded Marijuana, so is it fine if I just use regular soil from say, Lowes?

    Question 3: Vegetative Stage: Once I plant my germinated seed in a pot, do I just leave my plant outside during the whole Vegetative Stage, just letting the sun beam on it all day and just watering it whenever the soil gets dry, so it grows to be strong?

    Question 4: Vegetative Stage: During this time, do I absolutely need to sprinkle some sort of Nutrient soil over my plant or is that not necessary, will it still grow?

    Question 5: Vegetative Stage: When does Vegetative Stage end? When your plant is around 2 feet tall with 5 rows of leaves and then you go into the flowering stage?

    Thanks you, if you answered my questions.

    Remember these plants are going to be outside in pots.....
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    Hmmm, not sure about the research you did because much of this is answered in the sticky posts at the top of this forum.

    First off, your "permanent" pot should be bigger than 1 gal. You can't grow a big plant above the soil if you grow a small plant below the soil. As for a starter pot, you don't need to but you may find it easier to manage. A baby sprout will need water more frequently than a mature plant, and if you plant the sprout straight off in a large container you might end up letting the soil around the sprout's roots get too dry even if the overall large pot seems to still have some moisture in it. It can be done, just easier for a newb to water a sprout properly in a small pot.

    Soils from Fox Farm and such are great, but very expensive. You can make your own for far less that will be great for your plants. You want organic soil that does not have any nutes added. A simple recipe I suggest from ingredients easily found at local stores is:
    - 4 parts organic soil
    - 3 parts sphagnum moss
    - 2 parts worm castings (last I checked Wally World is carrying now)
    - 1 part perlite (or more)
    - 1 part clean sand

    Line the bottom of the pot with a layer of rocks before adding soil.

    What latitude are you? In most of North America this is too soon to start an outdoor grow. You may choose to nurture the baby sprouts indoors under artificial light at first. You will need to feed the plants, monitor and adjust as needed the pH, possibly fight off varmints and critters, and keep hidden.

    You will need nutes.

    It ends when flowering begins. For an indoor grow you can switch the light schedule when you want to trigger flowering, but outdoors you are just along for the ride, Mother Nature is in charge of the schedule.

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