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Need a quality, high yield, short bushy plant

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by Cowart69, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. This will be my 3rd grow......

    - My first was bought clones that I grew from there on. It wasn't a great grow due to a majority of reasons.....new to task, hot climate, not able to control temps etc. I grew 12 plants and came out with a horrible yield. Probably about 2 ounces dry.

    - My second grow I grew white widow. started off with 24 plants but ended up with only about 18 at the end (I only grow females) as some of them turned hermie. This time I invested more $ and put in a portable AC to keep the temps down. The end product was better but I still only came out with around 7 ounces dry. One thing that I noticed is that the WW's grew really tall and thin as they reached for the growlights I am sure that it had something to do with it.

    - I want to make this next grow a good one. I am going to use the SCROG method to keep the plants from growing too tall but I want to make sure I am growing a plant that works for what I am trying to do:

    - I have a tall but narrow grow closet
    - There are two levels with in the growroom with their own set of lights. This allows me to put in 24 plants but it also means that they cannot get too tall as I cannot adjust my grow lights to raise or lower them. However the way it is set up they get plenty of light and I use the best lights, nutes, and soil I can get my hands on.

    I basically need a quality, high yielding strain that grows short and bushy. I plan on using SCROG using sheets of chicken wire to keep them from growing to reach the lights.

  2. Afghan? Thats what Im growing, actually germinating right now, but its short and bushy, high yield, thick stemmed, resilient to weather and is definitely quality.
  3. i'm looking for the same thing. i found a keeper in arjans haze#3, a nice sativa dominant plant that only stretches by 2/3rds the starting veg height. if anyone else knows of plants with short stature please post! i'm somewhat dissapointed with my cheese and masterkush purchases because i found out they are both likely to stretch alot, but we will see!
  4. greenhouse seed co.'s el nino looked pretty nice on the youtube videos. short, bushy, and quality. search for greenhouse seed co. on youtube to find out a lot about diff strains and follow their growths.
  5. Hashberry and Speed Queen from Mandala both stay short and chunky. You aren't going to find more vigorous strains that are consistantly good like Mandala's stuff. The price is very right also.
    I only grew one but Troublemaker (Hindu Kush x Master Kush or vice versa) from Dr Chronic was a nice one that stayed short. Had a very lemon smell most of the grow before turning into a more generic fruity odor late in flowering. Yield seemed to be decent and it was one of the more potent plants I grew.
    Sensi Star is supposed to stay very short and be very potent but I haven't tried it first hand.
  6. You should try avoiding the Sativa strains, since they make less bud and more leaf, and they also grow 150% taller than they were during their vegetative peak. Indica will only stretch around 100 percent. So, if your growin an indica to 12 inches and decide to start flowering it, it'l grow to around 24 inches. Good luck!
  7. Just an idea, if you have a narrow, yet tall space, why not let the grow tall and put lights on the sides so instead of doing scrog?

    Anyone know if this will increase his yeilds??

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