Need a pros help.........

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by R22503, Sep 27, 2002.

  1. Buying a house want to set up a nice little babi room. Few yrs back hung out with some growers, been out of the loop for a while seen in my time 4 nice rooms learned alot but forgot alot. I would like to get back involved but want to do it right. No hocki stuff I don't mind spending the money, but if I can keep my costs down that would be great. One of my buddies moved to Cali so it can't help me here. But he was a Jedi Master and could make some serious magic happen. I want to start with ten then up to 25 but will bye the epuip to handle 30 any suggestions would help.

  2. Lots of detail needed me thinks!

    If you e-mail me i will send a growing guide, FOC!
    Good luck
  3. i need someone who knows alot about growing in my home....i have tried to get some help from a few of my friends and they dont know what the hell their doing! and i really want to get into this. so if someone could give me step by step directions it would be nice

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