Need a Pre-Fabbed box.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Antlion21, May 12, 2010.

  1. Hello all, I have been reading these forums for hours upon hours lately and have decided to begin my first "serious" indoor grow. I am now in a position to make this work(tried quite a few times when i was young and dumb :)). I know what i want, and how to make it work i just need a great stealthy type cab/box to start with. I'm mechanically inclined enough to be able to make cuts/wiring for necessary construction.

    I could build the box from complete scratch if i wanted to but i don't want it to stick out at ALL, i need it to fit the scenery of my laundry room. I have plenty of room for a massive box if i wanted but again this is not what i want. I need and want stealth, and small but not too small. So this is where my friends from GC come in. I need someone to share any info they have on a "Prefabbed" storage looking cabinet. Something that looks like it kinda belongs in a laundry room:D

    All i need is something that will hold a 250 watt HPS for flowering chamber, and enough room for a small mommy and cloning chamber on the other side with a couple CFL's holding them up. If anyone knows a good cabinet that can be bought with those specs in mind i would be extremely happy. I'm open to all suggestions and please ask any questions if i didn't give enough information cause i'm :smoking: as hell.
  2. PS. When i do find the right box, I'm thinking a nice strain of Northern Lights will be first grow in some dirt. Then maybe experiment with a hydro set-up.
  3. Is there anyone out there that currently has a 250 watt set-up and used a prefabbed box.:wave:

    The more options the better, i wanna go out and buy mine this weekend.
  4. ur prefabricated box thingy is going to take customization anyway. and how do you explain wires and ventilation ducts coming from a box in the laundry room? stop being lazy and build ur own closet. at least you can house everything in the closet and it still looks like a closet. plus you can add sound proofing so you cant hear`the fans.

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