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Need a point of view from a blade with teenage kids

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BurtonSnow, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. So obviously if your on this site, I'd assume you smoke, once smoked, and/or cool with it. I never really understood my parents views on pot. I still cant figure my parents out if they were tokers or not back in their days. Yes, they've admitted to doing it before, but how much is still a secret.

    I was caught with weed when I was 16, and twice when i was 17. The 3rd time they found my 2 ft bong I had hidden in the attic, along with a quarter of dank. I used to smoke up there all the time, even when they were home, just because we could. We is my younger brother also. When the bong was found I took the blame for everything, and my parents knew that.

    Every time I was caught they'd act pissed during the talk, but right after its like nothing happend. They would always try and restrict driving privelages and things like that, but it lasted no longer then a few days.

    Now I am living on my own in a dorm, I still don't understand why my parents are like this. They clearly don't want me smoking, but really do nothing about it once I'm caught. One thing that really stuck with me was when my mom said something along the lines of "Were your parents, do you really think were going to say, sure go ahead and smoke?" This was said after I preached the its not even bad for you speech.

    So for you blades out there with teenage kids, is it that you understand pot isn't harmful, but its just something you don't want your kids to do?
  2. They probably think that its a gateway drug and you will move on to harder drugs. They are just worried about you.
  3. Understandably they are worried about you and your future. Many many years of propaganda has not only left your parents but many others too with a negative attitude towards cannabis.

    No matter what I can or can't prove to my parents, they will always think me smoking is bad for my health and my future.
  4. No the thing is, they're views on its effects, healthy benefits, etc are all the same as mine. They know alcohol is worse, they know it'll most likely be legalized in the future, but they just don't want any of their kids doing it.

  5. Exactly the same thing. EXACTLY. Bolded the things that were the exact same for me, I just don't get them..
  6. It's because they have been brainwashed by all the government bullshit for so long. And they aren't sure what to believe.:D
  7. Dude, they are yer parents. They care about u and dont want to being stoned all day. There is nothing wrong with that.

    I am a hardcore stoner, but if I had a kid I would NOT want them smokin till they lived on their own and could support themselves.

    I am 27 years old and my mother knows I have been a stoner since I was 17. She STILL to this day tells me I need to stop smokin. She knows I am not gonna, but she CARES about me and knows its not good for me. Its just what parents do man. (good parents at least)

    U should be happy u have parents that care. :D
  8. I don't think it's the fact they don't want their 'kids' doing will be our 'kids' for all your life. I think it's more that they don't want their 'child' doing it.

    You say your parents get upset at you when they catch you, but after it's all said and done, they forget about it and life goes back to normal....they don't harp on it. This leads me to believe that your parents may possibly be tokers themselves...or at least one of them.

    My daughter is 24 and my son will be 21 tomorrow. I've smoked most of my life but until they turned 18, I made it a rule that they weren't to let me catch them doing it. I knew they did it, but as long as I didn't 'allow' it per say, I know it cut back on just how much they smoked...cause they couldn't do it at home.

    It wasn't that I didn't ever want them to was because I wanted them to be sure and get their priorities in life straight before getting in too deep into the stoner life.

    I began smoking when I was 13...I dropped out of school, got married at 15 and pregnant at 16...divorced at 18...go I'm not blaming that on the weed...I blame it more on my choice of friends...stoners with no want for an education, no want for a job...just the want to lay around and get stoned 24/7

    They're just watching out for you and your future. Granted, not everyone who smokes turns into a burnout, but I think when you're younger, you tend to get into it to 'fit in'...people can deny it all they want, but a lot of people do it just cause everyone else is doing it...same with cigarettes and alcohol...peer pressure.

    I smoke pot with both my kids now...and, they know why I did what I did by not allowing them to do so sooner. It wasn't that I was being a hypocrit. I was just watching out for their well-being. I want them to have good lives and be self-sufficient...not laying on my couch when they're in their 30's with no job playing video games.

    It worked for us. My daughter has her own place with her boyfriend and they have a baby almost a year old. He works at UPS, she's in cosmetology school. And, my son moved into his own place about 400 miles away and began attending college just last week :)

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