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  1. here are some shows I like and have dled and watched the whole series

    The Office
    Criminal Minds

    and some others I cant remember

    whats something else thats funny or cool or intense that I can get started with now that summers almost here
  2. the wire or brotherhood
  3. curb your enthusiasm or family guy...both are good to smoke and watch imo. :smoke:
  4. 24 is pretty awesome but season one is kind of boring.
  5. um....why bother downloading any tv/movie ever?

    go to Watch all tv series online for FREE and pick any of the hundreds of shows. it's a click & watch, find a copy that works for you & hit it. 100% free & no virus crap on my end so far & i've been there a few years now. is another superb site.

    for movies. or

    there are a LOT more but these will cover 90% of your viewing needs.

    If you can do sci fi/INTENSE drama/awesome action/the best character development I've seen to date and the BEST ending to any tv series in the history of television.

    all you need to look at is the modern battlestar galactica. This is the best series I have ever seen. 4 season of what?? nut-uh...HOLY SHIT. NO WAY. OMFG! wow......just breathe and you'll be OK.

    If you have seen it please don't ruin the ending for those who haven't.
  6. You should check out True Blood its a really badass series on HBO starring Anna Paquin (Rogue from X-MEN). She even shows her boobies in the series and there is nothing like free boob shots. It is a great series with plenty of action/drama/thrilling twists.
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    it's always sunny in philadelphia
    fuck had another one :smoking:
    oh, arrested development
  8. Dexter.
  9. breaking bad is just like weeds, but way more extreme. you'll love it!

    & btw, i download movies/tv shows so i can watch em on my tv, instead of internet tv (sucks when the internet is down ;p)
  10. ^Breaking bad is a good one.. Check out Lost, I've been watching it lately..
  11. Arrested Development (Reg comedy)
    Wonder Showzen (Acid comedy)
    LOST (Drama)
    Time Warp (Just amazing when baked)
    The West Wing (Intelligent as fuck Drama/Comedy)
  12. Arrested Development, definitely. (I own all 3 seasons and watch them over and over. I still see new jokes on re-watches.

    I also agree with the suggestion of Breaking Bad, I'm just starting season 2 now. Very interesting story, it's like Weeds, except with meth (and minus most of the comedy). It can get a little heavy, but it's pretty compelling.

    Another suggestion is How I Met Your Mother. Hear me out on this one, it's actually pretty funny. Season One is mediocre, but the writers of the show really hit their stride in season 2. If nothing else, you will get some laughs from Jason Segal and Neil Patrick Harris. The show frequently calls back on itself (and occasionally it references things that happen later in the series, as it is told as a story in the future), which is one of my favorite things about shows. It makes me feel less like I am watching episodes of unrelated stories involving the same group of people, but rather that I am watching the progression of the characters lives.

    Time Warp and Mythbusters are always good, though i don't know if I'd watch episode after episode like i do with most shows.

    The Sarah Silverman Program is actually really funny, even if it is strange and juvinile from time to time.

    If you've never seen it, Dragonball Z is a very enjoyable anime. Though I probably just like it cause I used to watch it as a kid.

    Series One of Look Around You is genious. I may be the minority on this though, it is british so this is to be expected.

    Parks and Recreation is just getting started this year, but I like what I've seen so far. Reminds me of the little I have seen of The Office.

    If you are stoned and want to laugh your ass off, watch an episode of Wipeout (there is an American version, an Australian version, and a British version, as well as other languages, it's interesting to see the differences in types of comedy in different countries). It is basically MXC, but you can understand what they are actually saying and how the competition really works... Oh, and it's hillarious.
  13. Deadwood if your into western's. Ian McShane is great.
  14. I've seen all the episodes of the first three on your list, and I love them, although I think that Entourage has been going down hill for the last couple of seasons.

    I would recommend How I Met You Mother, which is HILARIOUS. It's gone four seasons, and when I first found the show I watched most of them in the span on just a few days.

    I don't know if you're into Sc-Fi, but I've also loved Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Conricles, and Dollhouse.
  15. I think you need to download dexter, how i met your mother, lost etc etc...
  16. That 70's Show bro.

  17. deadwood is good i just stared watching this a cople weeks ago
  18. You MUST watch Freaks and Geeks! It's like a 10x better Undeclared.

  19. This. And as a chick I'm not afraid to admit that she has nice boobs.

    And This. Dexter is the shit, you need to watch it.
  20. Dead Like me and Pushing Daisies...... Great Dark Comedies

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